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AI Climate Risk Co. Partners With Top Canadian Business Firm

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Aisix Solutions Inc., a frontrunner in using artificial intelligence (AI) in climate risk assessment and modeling, says it has formed a strategic partnership with a top Canadian accounting and business consulting firm.

Aisix Solutions Inc. (AISX:TSX.V; AISXF:OTCQB), a frontrunner in using artificial intelligence (AI) in climate risk assessment and modeling, announced it has formed a strategic partnership with a top Canadian accounting and business consulting firm.

The two companies aim to give businesses and communities the tools to understand, quantify, and navigate climate-related risks.

"This collaboration brings together AISIX's expertise in climate modeling technologies and the consulting firm's vast network, offering an unparalleled approach to sustainable business strategies," the company said in a release.

Aisix Solutions leverages AI, data analytics, and real-time climate risk assessment in its software solutions, the company said. With these tools, individuals, businesses, and governments around the world can more easily manage their climate risk and ultimately protect their property and infrastructure.

The Vancouver-based company's new Wildfire 2.0 platform incorporates fire ignitions, spread, historical fire and weather information, and a 1-to-5 scoring system that considers past fires and future fire predictions, an important product as wildfires continue to impact North America's air quality.

Co. of 'Huge and Central Importance'

What Aisix is doing "is of huge and central importance going forward," said Technical Analyst Clive Maund.

"The ability to predict and prepare for various climate and weather events and possibly emergencies in real-time and for different timeframes is of paramount importance for governments and various agencies who are obliged to plan ahead and also for individual businesses and private citizens," Maund wrote on March 5.

Maund noted, "Since coming to market a little over six years ago, Aisix stock has been subject to wild swings, with its overall trend being slightly lower up to now."

What Aisix is doing "is of huge and central importance going forward," said Technical Analyst Clive Maund.

The stock has gone on to complete a Cup and Handle base "with persistent high volume on the rally to complete the right side of the Cup part of the pattern," he said.

"We are seeing high upside volume again so far this year as the price starts what should turn out to be a 'breakout drive' out of the entire base pattern," wrote Maund, who rated the stock a Strong Buy for all timeframes.

"The 'cherry on the cake' for buyers now is that the price of the stock has dipped back from 7 cents over the past week or so to the current 4.5 cents (at the time of writing) to provide an excellent entry point," said Maund.

The Catalyst: Unhealthy Air Exposure Increasing

A new report by researchers from First Street Foundation, a climate risk analysis nonprofit group, predicted much of the continental U.S. will be exposed to pollution by 2054, The Guardian reported.

The study found that one in four Americans are exposed to "unhealthy" air already, according to daily air quality readings. That's expected to increase by 50% in the next few decades, the group said.

Climate-related wildfires and heatwaves are undoing gains from federal clean air regulations, First Street Foundation said.

"If we're going to start thinking about solutions, we have to start combating the origin of the air pollutants, which are wildfires and extreme heat," Jeremy Porter of First Street Foundation told The Guardian.

A new report by researchers from First Street Foundation, a climate risk analysis nonprofit group, predicted much of the continental U.S. will be exposed to pollution by 2054, The Guardian reported.

About 18.4 million hectares burned in Canada in 2023, compared to an average of just 2.5 million hectares per year, noted NASA's Earth Observatory website.

Smoke from the fires moved south and choked the air over some American cities. By the end of last summer, 19 counties in 11 states had days with "very unhealthy" and "hazardous" air quality — given at least a "code purple" alert on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Air Quality Index (which goes from green to maroon), CNN reported from EPA data.

At least 195 counties in 25 states had code purple or maroon air quality days in 2023 through the end of August, CNN said. Nineteen experienced those levels for the first time, according to the same data.

According to First Street, the orange haze over much of the continent contained PM2.5, microscopic airborne pollution made up of particles of soot measure than the width of a human hair.

Researchers recently said there is no safe amount of exposure to the substance, with even small amounts raising the risk of potentially serious problems.

Weather Disasters Carry 'High Price Tag'

In its partnership with the accounting and business consulting firm, Aisix will use its expertise in climate-risk modeling, AI, real-time reporting, and future climate-related impact assessments on property and infrastructure, the company said.

"Our partnership with a top Canadian accounting and business consulting firm presents an exciting opportunity to leverage our technological and analytical strengths to address the pressing issue of climate change," said Mihalis Belantis, chief executive officer of Aisix.

Aisix said Wildfire 2.0's data is generated using state-of-the-art Canadian Forest Service software. Wildfire simulates "billions of synthetic fire events across climatological, morphological, and biophysical conditions to deliver burn probabilities," the company said in a release. "AISIX’s workflow aggregates independent burn scenarios to stochastically determine burn probability for the entirety of Canada."

Weather disasters "carry an outrageously high price tag," WTW reported last November. "Worldwide, the economic cost of weather and climate disasters was nearly (US)$1.5 trillion over the decade 2010-2019. So far in 2023, the United States has experienced 23 separate billion-dollar disasters, the highest number ever (and the year is not yet over)."

streetwise book logoStreetwise Ownership Overview*

Aisix Solutions Inc. (TSX.V: AISX;OTCQB: AISXF)

*Share Structure as of 1/30/2024

The climate risk digital solutions market was worth US$880 million in 2021, Verdantix reported. It predicted the market will reach more than US$4 billion in 2027.

Ownership and Share Structure

As for the ownership of Aisix, two insiders hold 12.08%, or 9.3 million shares, of the company. They are CEO and Director Belantis with 10.28% or 7.91 million shares and Cofounder and Director David Poole with 1.8% or 1.39 million shares.

Retail investors own the remaining shares as there are not any institutional owners.

In terms of structure, Aisix has 96.96 million shares outstanding and 87.66 million free-float traded shares.

The firm's market cap is CA$4.36 million, and it trades in a 52-week range of CA$0.02 and CA$0.13 per share.

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