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Unearthing Opportunities: Special Situations for Q4 2023
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Malcolm Shaw Natural resource special situations for Q4 2023 offer overlooked opportunities across the resource sector. By targeting catalysts, nimble investors can position for gains.

Tenaz Energy Corp. (TNZ:TSX TAG Oil Ltd. (TAO:TSX.V; TAOIF:OTCQX)New Stratus Energy Inc.'s (NSE:TSX.V) Condor Energies Inc. (CDR:TSX.V) Valeura Energy Inc.'s (VLE:TSX; PNWRF:OTCMKTS)

The fourth quarter brings a time of change and reflection. As 2023 winds down, some promising situations are emerging across natural resources like oil, gas, uranium, and gold.

While uncertainty lingers in broader markets, nimble investors can find value in overlooked or misunderstood special situations.

By targeting specific catalysts and events, one can position for gains while others remain sidelined.

Tenaz Energy Corp. (TNZ:TSX) remains remarkably undervalued, given its leadership and strategy.

As the company pursues further North Sea acquisitions, its proven acquire-and-optimize model should continue driving shareholder value.

TAG Oil Ltd.'s (TAO:TSX.V; TAOIF:OTCQX) upcoming results from its Western Desert horizontal well could confirm a significant onshore Egyptian oil play.

If initial production rates meet expectations, Tag will be firmly on the map.

New Stratus Energy Inc.'s (NSE:TSX.V) proposed Venezuela deal comes at an opportune time, given warming U.S.-Venezuela relations.

As one of the only ways to play Venezuelan oil in the junior space, New Stratus offers leveraged exposure here.

For Condor Energies Inc. (CDR:TSX.V), a potential gas deal in Uzbekistan could be announced soon to ramp up supply ahead of winter.

Its Kazakhstan LNG arbitrage and lithium plans provide additional upside.

Although no imminent news is expected, Valeura Energy Inc.'s (VLE:TSX; PNWRF:OTCMKTS) fundamentals keep improving.

Its infrastructure optimization team helps minimize costs, while the Wassana expansion enhances the longevity of its core fields.

As Valeura cements itself as a Southeast Asia producer, its discounted valuation remains compelling.

Hercules Silver represents a high-risk, high-reward speculation based on early drilling at its potentially massive copper porphyry discovery.

While additional results are needed to confirm continuity, the sheer size of the mineralized system points to a huge upside if it proves out.

Critical Elements' advanced Quebec lithium project ticks all the boxes for a development asset yet trades at a fraction of its NAV.

A financing package would be a key catalyst to realize its potential value.

Finally, Radius Gold's Tropico project bears watching as it tests for high-grade precious metals at depth within Mexico's largest silver district.

Its proximity to world-class mines heightens the prospect of a significant discovery with the right hole.

By targeting misunderstood or overlooked special situations across resources, nimble investors can position for gains this quarter.

As catalysts emerge, these opportunities offer the potential for outsized returns compared to broader markets.

Focusing one's time on high-quality teams, advantageous geographies, and proven models for value creation tilts the odds in one's favor.

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