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Capitalizing Big-Time on Energy Rebound
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Chris Temple Chris Temple of The National Investor takes a look at current movements in the energy sector and one company he believes should be on your radar.

Now I want to share a couple of very telling tidbits about energy . . . as well as my latest company interview of one of THE most solid stories in energy services you'll ever find.

Last night as I was trolling around Twitter (or now just "X" ?!?) and such, I ran across the above posted by Lyn Alden. We've all shared this and similar charts that really tell the big-picture story of global energy demand.

And that big picture is that policymakers offering pie-in-the-sky political and ideological "solutions" for energy, de-carbonization, and the like miss the fact that from whatever sources it comes from, energy needs globally have been going parabolic for years.

And in this context, almost everything is in short supply; some things perilously so.

An aggressive "all of the above" energy policy such as that pursued for a while by the Trump Administration and its woefully underrated D.O.E. Secretaries Rick Perry and Dan Brouillette is what is needed, and this includes rejuvenated oil and gas sectors.

It may not be necessarily and sufficiently "aggressive" until administrations in both the U.S. and Canada are replaced, but it's now clear that "Old Energy" is making a needed comeback in both countries to help fill the ever-rising demand for energy.

Underscoring just how much-maligned fossil fuel companies are needed more than ever, a BIG news item last week featured the appointment of Saudi Aramco head Amin Nasser to the board of BlackRock. This was noteworthy — and this news brought both gasps and howls of sarcastic, derisive laughter — given that BlackRock's own head Larry Fink had established himself for so long as an "ESG scold."

Reality check . . . check. Looks like we need those dirty fossil fuels for a while, after all.

Enterprise Group Inc. (E:TSX.V)

As I opined in my last visit with Mike Fox of The Prospector News (we'll be visiting again this week's end post-central bank moves; that discussion should be out over the weekend), perhaps my single-favorite theme of the next few years is Canadian resources . . . and specifically, Canadian energy.

And I dare you to find a more fundamentally solid story than energy/industrial services company Enterprise Group Inc. (E:TSX.V), whose Senior V.P. Des O'Kell I just caught up with for THIS VIDEO DISCUSSION.

Still selling for only about 60% or so of its book value, even after more than doubling from its low of a couple of years ago, Enterprise is only just beginning its own secular recovery.

And the big picture that is ever more favorable for energy is more so for this diverse and solid company, as you will glean from Des' and my visit.

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