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Pet Odor Product Drives Clean Tech Co.'s Revenue Increase

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BioLargo Inc.'s pet odor control product, Pooph, is "taking the market by storm." Find out how this company is a 'Strong Buy,' according to one analyst.

Cleantech company BioLargo Inc. (BLGO:OTCQB) saw its revenue increase 288% for the three months ending March 31, 2023, compared to the same period in 2022.

Revenue also increased 78% compared to Q4 2022, and the company's net loss was reduced by 68% YoY in Q1 2023 to US$494,000.

The jump was fueled in part by ONM Environmental, BioLargo's odor and VOC control subsidiary, which makes the pet odor control product Pooph, which is finding commercial success at Walmart stores and online, the company said.

"It was launched a little over a year ago, and now it's just taking the market by storm," BioLargo President and Chief Executive Officer Dennis Calvert told the Stock Day podcast. "I think it's in about 3,000 (Walmart) stores now, and featured on and direct to market . . . infomercials and things like that. And, of course, Amazon. But here's the thing: more big retailers are also coming on board. So, we think we're going to enjoy the fruit of that continued expansion for quite some time."

The company said it expected a reduction in topline revenue in Q2 as initial Walmart stocking orders of Pooph decrease.

The Catalyst: Stock a 'Strong Buy,' Analyst Says

Another of BioLargo's core products addresses contamination by per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), which are long-lasting chemicals that break very slowly over time and are persistent in people, animals, food, and the environment. DuPont and 3M are facing massive lawsuits over the substances, also known as "forever chemicals."

Technical Analyst Clive Maund of wrote that the lawsuits could be a "powerful catalyst" for the company's stock.

Technical Analyst Clive Maund of wrote that the lawsuits could be a "powerful catalyst" for the company's stock.

"BioLargo is in all the right areas for growth, and the continued heavy volume since 2019 coupled with the strongly up trending Accumulation line since the start of 2021 does suggest that a major bull market is incubating," he wrote. "Clearly, if even one of the defendants turns to BioLargo to address clearing up this mess, it should be a Big Deal for the company."

The company's products also address advanced water and wastewater treatment, odor control, air quality, efficient and safe energy storage, and control of infectious diseases.

The strong Accumulation line, which recently made new highs, is a very positive sign, as is the fact that the price is below its now flat 200-day moving average, which improves its potential for recovery, Maund wrote.

"After drifting lower for several months, the price bounced off the strong support a few days ago and now looks set to ascend again, especially given the major catalyst alluded to above that could really 'light a fire under it,'" he noted.

Maund said anyone holding a position on BioLargo should stay long. He rated the stock a Strong Buy, not speculative.

Pooph Pet Odor Product a Standout Performer

During the first quarter of 2023, the company's ONM Environmental odor and volatile organic compound (VOC) control subsidiary was the standout performer.

Revenues grew 491% compared to the first quarter of 2022 to US$3.5 million. Its operating income grew 10,569% YoY to US$1.4 million, BioLargo said.

Pooph, the pet odor control product, comprised 90% of ONM's revenues and 86% of BioLargo's revenues company-wide.

Maund said anyone holding a position on BioLargo should stay long. He rated the stock a Strong Buy, not speculative.

"As the company has evolved, we've developed this incredible skill at providing full-service solutions … that allow us to take innovation all the way through the cycle into commercial adoption," CEO Calvert said. "We've got a number of commercial initiatives that are really significantly breaking out for the company . . . (It) took a long time, a lot of money to get to this moment. And now we're really enjoying the fruits of that significant investment in technology and assets."

The company says Pooph is based on its proprietary odor control technology and is marketed by Ikigai Marketing Works LLC through a national advertising campaign.

It said it destroys odors instantly on a molecular level and is clear, odorless, and non-staining.

PFAS Costs Are 'Astronomical'

Revenues at BioLargo Engineering, Science & Technologies decreased by 45% YoY in the first quarter to US$193,000. Its operating loss increased US$368,000 from US$35,000 in Q1 2022.

But Calvert said the company was "really bullish on the engineering group." There has been some delay in larger contracts, he said, and the group was involved in significant research and development.

"Our confidence hasn't waned a bit," he said.

Engineers have been working on expanding PFAS solutions to the point of scale and building commercial readiness, Calvert said.

Streetwise Ownership Overview*

BioLargo Inc. (BLGO:OTCQB)

*Share Structure as of 6/7/2023

A recent report compiled by Swedish non-governmental organization (NGO) ChemSec figured the societal cost of using PFAS across the global economy is as high as US$17.5 trillion a year. Meanwhile, the same study found that profits for the world's largest PFAS manufacturers totaled just US$4 billion annually.

The report said the "astronomical" cost of PFAS use is taken on by governments forced to clean up pollution and individuals who suffer health consequences.

Ownership and Share Structure

About 14.6% of BioLargo is owned by insiders and management, according to Yahoo Finance. They include Chief Science Officer Kenneth Code with 8.75%, CEO Calvert with 3.43%, and Director Jack Strommen with 1.52%, Reuters reported.

About 0.04% is held by the institution First American Trust, Reuters said.

The rest, about 85%, is retail.

Its market cap is US$52.2 million, with about 285 million shares outstanding, about 243 million free-floating. It trades in a 52-week range of US$0.32 and US$0.155.

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