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Food Co.'s New Subsidiary Yields US$151M in Just Two Months
Research Report

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Thanks to the newly added agribusiness segment, the parent corporation is "recording substantial revenue and net income results," noted a Goldman Small Cap Research report.

Muscle Maker Inc. (GRIL:NASDAQ) is a currently undervalued company "experiencing record growth," reported Goldman Small Cap Research founder and analyst Rob Goldman in a May 5 research note.

Goldman's research firm has a US$4.50 per share six-to-nine-month price target on Muscle Maker, which is equivalent to 15 times US$0.30, the amount Goldman forecasts as 2023 adjusted earnings per share (EPS) for the diversified, food-focused company.

Muscle Maker is currently trading significantly below Goldman's target price at about US$1.35 per share. The difference between the two prices implies a potential 233% gain for investors.

In his report, the analyst highlighted additional key points about Texas-headquartered Muscle Maker as an investment.

Subsidiary is a Game Changer

Since Muscle Maker formed Sadot in November 2022, this U.S.-based global agribusiness subsidiary has generated between US$50 million ($50M) and US$93M each month. Revenue in the two months it existed in 2022 was US$150.6M (Goldman pointed out this figure is correct, not a typo.) This amount compares to the US$11.1M that Muscle Maker's restaurant and franchising segment yielded in all of 2022.

Consequently, noted Goldman, thanks to Sadot, Muscle Maker is "recording substantial revenue and net income results, on an adjusted basis."

Creative Pay for Performance

Muscle Maker is also benefitting from the service agreement it has with the firm, AGGIA, to run Sadot. It is, according to Goldman, a "creative pay-for-performance plan that, in our view, is a major win for Muscle Maker and also a positive for AGGIA."

In part, for instance, the agreement calls for AGGIA to earn by generating net income for Sadot, Muscle Maker common stock, and the right to nominate new board members.

Other Revenue Generators

Muscle Maker has other business segments, including its initial focus, grill restaurants offering and selling fast casual food; along with SuperFit Foods, offering direct-to-consumer premade meal prep; and Pokemoto, a Hawaiian poke restaurant brand.

Going forward, Muscle Maker management intends to concentrate on franchising Pokemoto with initial franchise fees of up to US$25,000 per location and 6% of the gross revenue. It also aims to develop a series of hybrid Muscle Maker-Pokemoto spots.

"With a focus on franchising and strength in a key category, Muscle Maker could emerge as the leading U.S. brand for the popular Hawaiian poke offering," Goldman purported.

Profitability Forecasted for 2024

Looking forward, Goldman Small-Cap Research expects Muscle Maker will first generate a profit in 2024 of an estimated US$14.6M. Goldman forecasts full-year 2024 (FY24) revenue to be US$1.05 billion, with US$13.9M of it coming from the restaurant-related business.

This year, Goldman's firm expects Muscle Maker to generate US$913M in revenue, representing a 463% year-over-year (YOY) gain, the analyst highlighted. Of this total, the restaurant business will contribute an estimated US$12.2M, reflecting a 10% year-over-year increase. Ultimately, though, Goldman Small Cap Research expects Muscle Maker to post a loss of about US$6.1M for FY23.

Goldman explained that Muscle Maker has decided to continue its legacy of fast casual restaurants for two years. However, if losses continue and growth is minimal to none, the company may consider spinning off or divesting this business segment. Muscle Maker would generate "many millions" from such an event, added Goldman, and EPS would potentially jump to US$0.38 from US$0.28.

"Upside to future forecasts and our target exists via the potential sale of the fast-casual segment, among other events," noted Goldman.

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Disclosures for Goldman Small Cap Research, Muscle Maker Inc., May 5, 2023

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