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Co. Seeks Partner for Biggest Undeveloped Gold Asset
Research Report

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This mining firm advanced this project, "in a league of its own," to the "substantially started" stage to enhance its attractiveness to prospective players, noted a B. Riley Securities report.

Seabridge Gold Inc. (SEA:TSX; SA:NYSE.MKT) Chairman and CEO Rudi Fronk discussed taking on a partner to advance its flagship KSM project during a recent webinar hosted by B. Riley Securities, reported analyst Lucas Pipes in an April 20 research note.

"We believe the market is currently short on development projects (especially of size), and market interest/mergers and acquisitions are heating up," both of which bode well for Seabridge and KSM, Pipes wrote.

Significant Projected Return

B. Riley reiterated its Buy rating and US$60 per share price target on Seabridge, which is currently trading at about US$14.46 / CA$19.54 per share, noted Pipes. The price difference implies a sizable potential gain of 367%.

"While the lack of partnership at KSM has been an overhang for the stock, we believe the asset is now ripe for third-party validation," Pipes commented.

The analyst presented the key takeaways from the session with Seabridge.

Largest Undeveloped Gold Project

Seabridge's KSM, in British Columbia (B.C.), "is in a league of its own," Pipes described. The project is the world's largest undeveloped gold project by reserves and resources and with substantial copper byproduct credits. Specifically, Proven and Probable (2P) reserves at KSM are 47,300,000 ounces (47.3 Moz) of gold and 7,300,000,000 pounds of copper.

"We believe there is a very limited number of similar developments today, especially with both resources under one roof," Pipes commented.

The after-tax net present value discounted at 5% (NPV5%) is an estimated US$7.9 billion ($7.9B) for KSM in the base case outlined in the 2022 prefeasibility study, using US$1,742 per ounce gold and US$3.53 per pound copper prices.

The after-tax NPV5% is US$11B using spot prices near US$2,000 per ounce gold and US$4 per pound copper are used.

"Overall, while we believe the size of the KSM project limits the universe of potential partners to about a dozen global players, we expect that the economies of scale, exposure to multiple cycles, and tier 1 jurisdiction make for very attractive net economics, underpinning strong interest in the opportunity," wrote Pipes.

Ready for Partnership

According to CEO Fronk, the Ontario, Canada-based mining firm would like a partner to fund a bankable feasibility study for optionality in KSM, Pipes relayed. The analyst purported the most likely path forward thereafter, were the feasibility study executed, would be the partner buying into majority ownership over time.  

Also of note, Seabridge has taken major steps over the past few years to make KSM more attractive to prospective partners, noted Pipes, and during the recent Seabridge-B. Riley event, Fronk discussed what those were.

One was the acquisition of Snowfield, now called East Mitchell, in 2020 to reduce KSM mine capex.

The second effort was getting KSM fully permitted.

The third was advancing KSM enough to earn the "substantially started" designation. With this status, permits, including environmental assessment approvals, do not expire and, instead, remain valid through the life of the project under B.C. law.

The work Seabridge did in this regard included installing roads, power infrastructure, and camps.

Other Seabridge Projects

KSM is not Seabridge's only project. It has four other attractive assets: 3 Aces in the Yukon, Iskut in B.C., Snowstorm in Nevada, and the most promising, according to B. Riley, Courageous Lake in the Northwest Territories.

Courageous Lake has about 6.5 Moz of 2P reserves in a single open pit, and an update to the prefeasibility study is slated for this year.

"The focus is a smaller and less capital-intensive mine plan," added Pipes.

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