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Perpetua Resources is first and foremost a gold exploration and development company. Our sole asset - the Stibnite Gold Project - is one of the highest-grade, open pit gold deposits in the United States and designed to produce both gold and the only mined source of the critical mineral antimony in the Unites States.

The gold sector has long been viewed as a strategic sector that can enhance portfolio returns by preserving value over time, improving portfolio diversification and providing liquidity. Gold project development companies like Perpetua have historically provided leveraged exposure to gold prices and upside potential.

Antimony is a listed critical mineral by the U.S. Department of the Interior. It is used in a wide variety of military, energy, industrial and consumer applications, but there is no domestically mined source of antimony in the U.S. today. Instead, antimony is primarily sources directly or indirectly from China and Russia which pose risks to national supply chains. Perpetua Resources offers a unique opportunity for investors to gain exposure to antimony as well as gold.

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Recent Articles:

Gold and Antimony Developer Reports Many Milestones

Perpetua Resources Corp. has announced their results for Q3 of 2023, including many milestones to advance its Idaho project. Read on to see why analysts like this company's stock.

Co. Moves U.S. Au-Sb Asset Toward Record of Decision

Research Report
The Idaho-based firm is on track to likely receive a final version in early 2024, noted a ROTH Capital Partners report.

Gold Mining Firm Gets $15M From DoD for Domestic Antimony

While Perpetua Resources Corp. is primarily known for gold exploration, a new grant from the Department of Defense has the company gaining U.S. strategic relevance with antimony trisulfide production.
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As Countries Bolster Defense, Opportunities Emerge

Defense stocks are uniquely positioned to enjoy considerable, reliable funding from government contracts. This stability, and the ensuing profitability, increases during times of international political instability.

Expert Comments:

headshot of Mike Niehuser

Mike Niehuser, ROTH Capital Partners

"Perpetua Resources Corp. is achieving the necessary interim milestones to receive a favorable record of decision to be construction ready in the next 12 months; this is shown by gaining trust or partnerships in advancing the project. This may soon transform the company's perception by investors for the Stibnite gold project to be a bankable project."

Mike Kozak, Cantor Fitzgerald

"Perpetua Resources Corp. is guiding to the final environmental impact statement and draft record of decision at Stibnite in December of this year and the final record of decision in March of next year. . .with $14.1M in cash and additional grant income forthcoming from the U.S. Department of Defense, we continue to believe the company is fully funded through federal permitting."


"Perpetua Resources Corp. announced that its subsidiary, Perpetua Resources Idaho, was awarded an Ordnance Technology Initiative Agreement (OTIA) of up to $15.5M by the U.S. Department of Defense. The objective is to demonstrate a fully domestic antimony trisulfide supply chain using ore from the Stibnite gold project site for use in munitions."

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Christopher Ecclestone, Equities Strategist – Hallgarten & Co.
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Heiko Ihle, Managing Director – H.C. Wainwright & Co.
Mike Kozak, Analyst – Cantor Fitzgerald
headshot of Mike Niehuser
Mike Niehuser, Analyst – ROTH Capital Partners
Lucas N. Pipes, Analyst – B. Riley Securities

Company News 

11/13/2023 – Perpetua Resources Announces Third Quarter 2023 Highlights

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Investing Highlights
Attractive valuation with upcoming milestones.
Recently appointed a new VP of Projects to lead construction readiness activities
Share prices trades at a significant value to our project's net present value and expect a re-rating once permitting process advances
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Final Record of Decision based on the latest US Forest Service schedule
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