RESAAS Services Inc.

RESAAS is a cloud-based and blockchain technology platform that enables real estate brokerages, franchises and associations to bring real-time communication, new business opportunities and unique data to their agents on a global basis.

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The entities are rolling out the integration to mutual clients.
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Fundamental Research Corp.

"RESAAS Services Inc. reported Q1/19 financials, with revenues in line with our forecast and significant year-over-year (YOY) reductions in operating expenses. . .the company reported Q1/19 revenues (quarter ended March 31, 2019) of $0.26M (YOY growth of 86.24%)."

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Siddharth Rajeev, Fundamental Research Corp.

"RESAAS Services Inc. has introduced a new advertising division aimed at monetizing demand for direct advertising to the many real estate agents using the RESAAS platform. Its first announced client, Aviva Canada, is one of the leading property insurance groups in the nation."

The collaboration will yield advances on in-network, agent-to-agent referral fees, an industry first.
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To provide targeted advertising, this company is capitalizing on its existing database and its proprietary software.
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The service will provide advertisers with an audience of real estate professionals in one place.
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As the groundbreaking real-estate industry platform provides "disruption from the inside," the company moves to monetize its asset.
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Clive Maund,

"The big upside volume kicking in late last week for RESAAS Services Inc. is a sign that it is about to break higher again, and this is a stock that tends to rally a lot faster than it drops. This is therefore a good point to add to positions or make fresh purchases."

Technical analyst Clive Maund discusses a stock whose technical picture "looks so positive."
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Clive Maund,

"The technical picture for RESAAS Services Inc. looks so positive; it's not often you come across a stock with a chart looking this good. . .the company is viewed as a Buy on any further weakness back perhaps to the 50-day moving average now at about CA$0.27 or on any sign of its turning up again. . .although we don't generally like the real estate sector, RESAAS is viewed as a standout."

Clive Maund,

"RESAAS Services Inc. looks like it is shaping up for a major bull market; it's very cheap here, having dropped from a high at CA$5 early in 2014 to the current $0.14. A fine double bottom has formed over the past six months with a dramatic build-up in upside volume that is driving volume indicators strongly higher, and it is viewed as an immediate Buy."

headshot of Siddharth Rajeev

Siddharth Rajeev, Fundamental Research Corp.

"RESAAS Services Inc. has made significant changes to its board of directors and appointed a new chief financial officer; the company has also developed RESAAS Pay, a referral payment processing platform. It has also entered into a joint venture with a San Francisco-based blockchain company, signed an agreement with a 6,000-agent network and increased usage of its RealTimeMLS platform significantly in 2018."

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Clive Maund –
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Siddharth Rajeev, Analyst – Fundamental Research Corp.

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Investing Highlights
Highly engaged professional customer, with significant market share already
Award-winning global technology platform has already attracted major brands
RESAAS is unique, has growing revenue, owns all its data
catalyst Calendar
Monetizing referral transactions already facilitate with RESAAS pay
Continuing to add new enterprise clients and generate new data
Unlocking the Commercial side of real estate as a new channel