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The mission of ProMIS Neurosciences is to discover and develop precision medicine therapeutics for best in class treatment of neurodegenerative diseases, in particular, Alzheimer's disease (AD) and ALS. ProMIS Neurosciences' proprietary target discovery engine is based on two, complementary techniques. The Company applies its thermodynamic, computational discovery platforms—ProMIS™ and Collective Coordinates — to predict novel targets known as Disease Specific Epitopes on the surface of misfolded proteins. ProMIS has identified five target sites on toxic, misfolded strains of amyloid beta, a known root cause of Alzheimer's, and created five antibodies specific to these targets (without targeting amyloid beta monomer or plaque, known to be related to poor efficacy and side effects). Results of prior clinical trials indicate best in class AD therapy should target specifically toxic, misfolded strains of amyloid beta and not the other forms. ProMIS' AD program is uniquely designed and on track to achieve this goal. The Company's lead antibody product, PMN310 is in late preclinical development, with initiation of clinical trials expected in 2019.

Expert Comments:

André Uddin, an analyst with Mackie Research Capital Corp., discussed the implications of the latest announcement about this firm's most advanced Alzheimer's drug.
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André Uddin, Mackie Research Capital (1/4/18)
"ProMIS Neurosciences Inc. reported that PMN310 demonstrated no amyloid beta plaque binding in preclinical studies, a positive signal for improved safety. . .in terms of preclinical safety, PMN310 appears to be better than Biogen's aducanumab, which should facilitate a potential licensing deal for PMN310. We believe a licensing deal could come in as early as 2018."

André Uddin, Mackie Research Capital (11/13/17)
"ProMIS Neurosciences Inc.'s fully diluted Q3/17 EPS of $0.01 compared to $0 last year. . .as of Q3/17E, the company had $3.3M in cash and zero debt on its balance sheet. . .we are maintaining our Speculative Buy rating and target price of CA$0.50/share."

Mackie Research reported on this company's recent announcement about one of its product candidates targeting Alzheimer's disease.
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André Uddin, Mackie Research Capital (10/17/17)
"ProMIS Neurosciences Inc. announced that its lead Alzheimer's monoclonal antibody (mAb) candidate, PMN310, showed a high degree of selectivity to target amyloid beta oligomers when compared to other amyloid beta-directed mAbs in a preclinical study. . .given the favorable preclinical results, we remain confident that PMN310 should have better efficacy and safety than Biogen's aducanumab and [that] PMN310 has best-in-class potential to treat Alzheimer's."

André Uddin, an analyst with Mackie Research, explained the rationale for adding this neurodegenerative disease biotech company to his firm's coverage universe.
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André Uddin, Mackie Research Capital (9/19/17)
"We are initiating coverage of Promis Neurosciences Inc. . .a promising new path for targeting Alzheimer's (AD). A therapy to treat the underlying cause of Alzheimer's disease represents an enormous market opportunity. . .Promis' lead mAb (monoclonal antibody) drug candidate, PMN310, was rationally designed to target toxic amyloid beta (AB) oligomers. AB is a “sticky” peptide (monomer) which clumps together to form toxic oligomers, which can in turn form plaque deposits. . .this newer theory is strongly backed by the Phase 1b success of Biogen's aducanumab which targets toxic AB oligomers. . .we believe this newer AD theory creates a path to develop a unique disease-modifying Alzheimer's treatment, PMN310 which has best-in-class potential."

Douglas Loe, Echelon Wealth Partners (9/13/17)
"ProMIS Neurosciences Inc. announced that a third therapy has been identified for the firm's Alzheimer's disease pipeline. The asset in question is PMN330, a mAb targeting amyloid-beta oligomers, and we assume the mAb is one of many based on CSO Neil Cashman's expertise in developing mAbs that target misfolded protein antigens. . .the asset will join two other identified lead compounds PMN310 and PMN350, with PMN310 still set to be the first lead asset to enter formal clinical trials by 2019."

In its corporate update for Q2/17, a Canada-based biotech targeting neurological disorders including Alzheimer's disease informed investors of advancements in several programs, including designation of a second validated lead compound in development.
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"ProMIS Neurosciences Inc. is a preclinical company, but it will be going in the clinic over the next year or so. I'm in it because of some of the really important insights it has discovered into the mechanism of action of Alzheimer's disease. What ProMIS has discovered is that the ideal thing to target for Alzheimer's is soluble amyloid beta oligomers. It believes that they are the root cause of Alzheimer's, not the plaque that ultimately settles on the brain.

ProMIS has discovered that by focusing on IgG 4 isotype, you can circumvent the inflammation that often comes with monoclonal antibodies. ProMIS has identified six epitopes on protein strains of misfolded amyloid precursor proteins (APPs). APPs are the misfolded proteins that eventually lead to something called fibrils, which eventually clot and form plaques in the brain. ProMIS has discovered that the prion strains of those misfolded proteins carry a marker, called an epitope. It's like a police car with a light on top. ProMIS has developed five murine antibodies that select for those epitopes so antibodies can find them on those misfolded proteins and bind to them. It is actually a pretty profound breakthrough at this level. Again, it's very early stage and preclinical. But ProMIS has selected one of those five antibodies. The drug that it's going to advance, PMN-310, will be its first candidate in clinic. I bought into ProMIS on a financing in the summer of 2015. I'll probably hold it for another 5 or 10 years. It's achieved a lot with very little, and its understanding of the mechanism of action of Alzheimer's is quite significant. I think we'll hear about that over the course of 2017." read more >

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Douglas Loe, Analyst – Echelon Wealth Partners
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André Uddin – Mackie Research Capital

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