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Golden Arrow Resources (TSX-V: GRG) is a Vancouver-based exploration company creating value by making precious and base metal discoveries and advancing them into world-class deposits. The Company is currently focused on its Chinchillas Silver Project located in the mining-friendly Province of Jujuy, Argentina. Exploration has progressed rapidly since the acquisition of the project in late 2011 and the Project now hosts 100 million ounces of silver in Measured and Indicated resources and a further 44 million ounces of silver in Inferred resources. In October 2015 the Company announced an innovative transaction with Silver Standard Resources that will combine the Chinchillas project with the neighbouring Pirquitas silver mine in order to take advantage of production synergies and minimize capital investment. The Company is positioned to maximize shareholder value by fast-tracking Chinchillas to production and becoming a 25% owner of the combined Chinchillas-Pirquitas silver mining operation, while continuing to explore for its fourth major discovery.

Expert Comments:

Steven Goldman, Seeking Alpha (12/4/17)
"Golden Arrow Resources Corp.'s Puna Operations Inc. joint venture with SSR Mining will likely obtain its necessary permits this month. . .Golden Arrow itself has progressed considerably and has a number of positive upcoming catalysts. . .the company presents a very attractive investment opportunity with a substantial upside."

Byron King, Gold Speculator (6/27/17)
"Golden Arrow Resources Corp. is now firmly allied in a joint venture with Silver Standard Resources; the new entity is owned on a 75%/25% basis by Silver Standard and Golden Arrow, respectively. . .at current silver prices, the operation is profitable for Golden Arrow. At higher silver prices, which we expect to see, this deal is a 'gold mine' (so to speak)."

Salma Tarikh, The Northern Miner (5/15/17)
"Golden Arrow Resources Corp. has jumped from an explorer to a silver producer in Argentina in a fairy tale-esque way. It will receive a 25% stake in Silver Standard Resources' producing Pirquitas mine, take home a $15M check and fast track production of its flagship Chinchillas project in a joint venture deal, expected to close shortly."

Christopher Ecclestone, Hallgarten & Co. (5/1/17)
"The combination of the assets of Golden Arrow Resources Corp. and Silver Standard is a classic 'win-win' situation with the synergies accruing to both sides from substantially extending the life of Pirquitas and maximizing the value of its infrastructure by adding Chinchillas to the mix and shortcutting the time frame to production while massively reducing the capex involved. In one transaction Golden Arrow has leapfrogged into producer status overnight and secured itself a substantial part of the residual production value (and immediate share of the revenues) at Pirquitas."

Byron King, Gold Speculator (4/11/17)
"Golden Arrow Resources Corp.'s share price is down considerably from our entry point, but I believe that we're about to see a major turnaround. . .there's upside built into the company, and I'd hate to miss out on it. . .maintain Buy on Golden Arrow." (4/4/17)
"Golden Arrow Resources Corp.'s impressive history of discovery, identifying quality JV partners and structuring favourable royalty deals seems a simple yet compelling delivery system for consistent shareholder value. . .investors aren’t buying GRG for the gold. It should be bought primarily based on Grosso and his team—a who’s who of international mining experience, all of whom have impressive experience in South America. . .there are lots of ways to own precious metals. For investors who want a silver bias, but with all sorts of other potential growth aspects, Golden Arrow looks unique, compelling and for those patient, likely very profitable."

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Christopher Ecclestone, Equities Strategist – Hallgarten & Co., MEDITERRANEAN RESOURCES LTD., Geodex Minerals Ltd.
Peter Epstein, CFA – Epstein Research
Matt Geiger, General Partner – MJG Capital
Byron King, Editor – Agora Financial

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Investing Highlights
One of the worlds largest new silver discoveries
Agreement in place with Silver Standard (TSX:SSO)
Chinchillas Fast-Tracked to Production