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Jericho Energy Ventures is focused on advancing the low-carbon energy transition with investments in hydrogen technologies, energy storage, carbon capture and new energy systems.

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Despite ongoing positive news, this firm's stock price is down 23% from its July high, noted an Atrium Research report.

New Catalyst Could Unclog Hydrogen Bottlenecks, Co. Says

This clean technology company says one of its portfolio companies has seen strong results with a new catalyst for making "green" hydrogen for the new economy. Read to see the news and why some experts like this company's stock.

Clean Tech Co. Partners With European Hydrogen Producer

This company's European partner has signed a memorandum of understanding with a leading producer and supplier of renewable hydrogen to offer decarbonization solutions on the continent.

Patent Positions Energy Firm for Market Leadership

It's been a good year for Jericho Energy Ventures Inc. Rystad Energy recently lauded the Canadian company as a likely contender for the U.S. Department of Energy's H2Hubs program. Now, with a newly secured patent in hand, its chances of a large U.S. Government windfall seem even greater.

Researchers Predict Funding for 3-State Hydrogen Hub

Research analysis says a proposed hydrogen hub across three states has a good chance of seeing government funding.

Co. Sells First DCC Hydrogen-Fueled Boiler

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This transaction positions the clean hydrogen firm as "a key industry leader and first mover in its category," noted an Atrium Research report.

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Expert Comments:

Nicholas Cortellucci, Atrium Research

"Over the past month, Jericho Energy Ventures Inc. has reported several promising updates which reaffirm our investment thesis and target price. This includes testing updates from H2U (portfolio company); a memorandum of understanding between the company's European Union partner, Exogen, and hydrogen supplier, Lhyfe SA; as well as receiving a new patent for the DCC boiler."

Nicholas Cortellucci, Atrium Research

"While Jericho Energy Ventures Inc.'s Oklahoma assets form about 40% of our valuation, most of the upside and stock movement is coming from its hydrogen investments, which have been performing exceptionally well. . .the company plans to continue evaluating and consolidating innovative technologies with the objective of offering a complete industrial lower emissions solution."

Clive Maund,

"It is surprising that it has taken Jericho Energy Ventures Inc., a manufacturer of 'green hydrogen' boilers, so long for its stock to get moving, but get moving it has at last, with the price breaking out of a multi-month head-and-shoulders bottom. . .since the breakout move it has consolidated in what is suspected to be a bull flag, with yesterday's dip providing an opportunity for us to buy it at a slightly better price."

Nicholas Cortellucci, Atrium Research

"Jericho Energy Ventures Inc. signed its first boiler sales order with a prominent western university to support its district heating system. Additionally, last week, the company announced a collaboration with a leading alcoholic beverage company to conduct a study using the DCC boiler."

Nicholas Cortellucci, Atrium Research

"Jericho Energy Ventures Inc. announced a strategic industrial partnership with Sofinter Group and EXOGEN Hydrogen to manufacture, implement and service a new hydrogen steam plant (the HSP3000). The HSP3000 will be a scalable and modular solution featuring Hydrogen Technologies' dynamic Combustion chamber boiler technology. . .we expect this to accelerate sales commitments through H2/23."

Nicholas Cortellucci, Atrium Research

"Jericho Energy Ventures Inc.'s portfolio company H2U announced a successful demonstration of its noniridium proton exchange membrane (PEM) electrolyzer for commercial hydrogen production; PEM electrolyzers currently rely on iridium catalysts, which poses scarcity and supply chain threats to the green hydrogen industry. H2U will develop and construct its first external proof-of-concept units, which will be shipped by year-end."

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Gerard Adams, President & CEO – National Inflation Association
Nicholas Cortellucci – Atrium Research
Clive Maund –

Company News 

9/26/2023 – Jericho Energy Ventures' Portfolio Company H2U Achieves Unprecedented Performance and Durability with Non-Iridium Catalysts

9/19/2023 – Jericho Energy Ventures' EU Partner Exogen Teams Up with Lhyfe to Boost Green Hydrogen Production for Industrial Steam, Mobility, and District Heating Applications in Europe

9/12/2023 – Jericho Energy Ventures' Hydrogen Technologies Clinches New Patent for DCC(TM) Hydrogen Boiler, Expanding Its IP Portfolio

8/16/2023 – Study Ranks Jericho Energy Ventures-Associated HALO Hydrogen Hub Among the Top 10 Hubs Poised for Success in Securing Funding from DOE's Regional Clean Hydrogen Hubs Program

8/3/2023 – Jericho Energy Ventures' Hydrogen Technology Chosen by Leading U.S. University to Drive Sustainable District Energy

7/27/2023 – Jericho Energy Ventures and Global Alcoholic Beverage Giant Unite for Pivotal Four-Country Study on the Utilization of Breakthrough DCC(TM) Zero-Emission Hydrogen Boilers to Decarbonize Production Facilities

7/13/2023 – Jericho Energy Ventures, Exogen Hydrogen Solutions and Sofinter Group Announce European Industrial Partnership

6/2/2023 – Jericho Energy Ventures and Ramp Equity Capital Partners Team Up to Bring Innovative Zero-Emission Hydrogen Boiler Technology to South Korea

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