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Energy Fuels Inc. is one of the largest producers of uranium in the United States, which is highly strategic as the United States is the World’s largest consumer of uranium. The company owns low-cost in situ uranium recovery (ISR) and conventional production operations in the U.S., including the Nichols Ranch ISR Project in Wyoming; the White Mesa Mill in Utah; and the Alta Mesa ISR Project in South Texas. Combined, the Company has over 11.5 million pounds of production capacity in its portfolio. The company also owns several mines on standby and in permitting that it can put into production as uranium prices recover.

Expert Comments:

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Mark Reichman, Noble Capital Markets

"Energy Fuels Inc. is evaluating the expansion of its mission to include processing rare earth elements (REEs) to enhance the domestic supply chain for critical minerals and reduce dependence on imports. . .while the company's strategy for processing REEs is early stage, it underscores the processing flexibility of the its White Mesa Mill and could offer another avenue of growth complementary to uranium and vanadium."

Energy Fuels will have the exclusive right to use, license and service the technology globally.
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Joe Reagor, ROTH Capital Partners

"We believe Energy Fuels Inc. is going to wait for an improved uranium price before increasing production. . .we also believe things are moving in the right direction from a political standpoint and that there is significant upside potential for the company and other domestic uranium producers if the government takes action. Thus, we are maintaining our Buy rating."

headshot of Mark Reichman

Mark Reichman, Noble Capital Markets

"The budget proposal to fund a uranium reserve is encouraging for Energy Fuels Inc. . .President Donald Trump's 2021 budget proposal includes $150M to fund a strategic uranium reserve to provide assurance of uranium supplies and to support U.S. nuclear fuel cycle capabilities through the domestic production and conversion of uranium. Assuming no changes by the time an appropriations bill is signed into law by Sept. 30, 2020, purchases could begin in FY21 which begins Oct. 1, 2020. "

headshot of Gwen  Preston

Gwen Preston, The Maven Letter

"Energy Fuels Inc. is a company with a development-ready project that can start or significantly boost production in a short time frame (in time to feed pounds into this uranium market). . .low cost production in the U.S. is likely to outperform."

Nick Hodge, Nick Hodge's Early Advantage

"Energy Fuels Inc. is below its buy under price; we are positioned in the quality U.S. uranium name. The Department of Energy just announced it will hold a Nuclear Fuel Working Group press conference tomorrow; I'd imagine it's good news for the domestic uranium sector, at least."

Energy Fuels believes its uranium and vanadium mill can play a key role in bringing the REE supply chain back from China.
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"Energy Fuels Inc. has seen success in its efforts to get the U.S. government to recognize the strategic importance of the domestic uranium mining industry. President Trump's recently announced FY21 executive budget request includes $150M/year for the next 10 years to create a strategic U.S. uranium reserve; this is expected to provide considerable support to established U.S. uranium producers such as Energy Fuels, and significantly enhances the security and independence of the nation's electric supply."

Energy Fuels' new report includes changes made to the mine plan.
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A Colorado-based uranium firm is poised to immediately ramp up production.
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Eric Coffin, Owner – HRA Journal
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Maurice Jackson, Founder – Proven and Probable
Mike Kozak, Analyst – Cantor Fitzgerald
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Brien Lundin, Author Gold Newsletter (Jefferson Financial)
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Gwen Preston, Founder Resource Maven
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Joe Reagor, Analyst – ROTH Capital Partners
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Mark Reichman, Managing Director, Senior Analyst - MLP – Noble Capital Markets

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