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Daniel Carlson

SGBX Makes a Move into Residential
Source: Daniel Carlson for Streetwise Reports  (10/4/18)
An innovative company that uses shipping containers as building blocks has entered the residential market, reports Daniel Carlson of Tailwinds Research. More >

Internet Accessibility Stock 'Shaping Up for a Major Bull Market'
Source: Clive Maund for Streetwise Reports  (10/2/18)
A company whose technology makes the internet accessible to more people is the focus of technical analyst Clive Maund's update. More >

Daniel Carlson

Mobility-as-a-Service Will Drive This Company
Source: Daniel Carlson for Streetwise Reports  (9/21/18)
Daniel Carlson of Tailwinds Research caught up with HyreCar CEO Joseph Furnari, who talks about the company's development from a peer-to-peer platform to a more business-to-consumer model. More >

Adrian Day

Where to Find High Yields, Here and Abroad
Source: Adrian Day for Streetwise Reports  (8/29/18)
Sector expert Adrian Day comments on two income stocks, each with a yield in the high single digits. More >

Technology Company Enters into Agreement with Defense Contractor
Source: Streetwise Reports  (8/15/18)
Company to receive funding for the further development and integration of PATSCAN CMR technology. More >

Weapons Threat Detection System Undergoes Extensive Testing
Source: Streetwise Reports  (7/26/18)
A company that has developed a radar and software system that identifies weapons and alerts security of active threats is moving forward with real-life testing. More >

Company with In-Game Prizing Engine Partners with Gaming Platform
Source: Streetwise Reports  (7/15/18)
A product branding platform is about to become available within NASCAR Heat Mobile. More >

Company with Platform to Reduce Healthcare Supply Costs Grows Revenue 39% QOQ
Source: Streetwise Reports  (5/31/18)
A platform that allows hospitals to buy and sell excess supplies and equipment is gaining traction in the United States. More >

Earnings: The Big Sucker Play
Source: Clive Maund for Streetwise Reports  (4/25/18)
Technical analyst Clive Maund discusses the trend of earnings relative to stock market cycles. More >

Diamond Stock Set to Put in a Sparkling Performance
Source: Clive Maund for Streetwise Reports  (4/23/18)
Technical analyst Clive Maund charts a diamond company that he rates a strong speculative buy. More >

Biodegradable Packaging Stock Brief Update
Source: Clive Maund for Streetwise Reports  (4/18/18)
Technical analyst Clive Maund discusses the charts for a biodegradable packaging company that he says are strongly positive. More >

Ron Struthers

Unleashing Blockchain to Solve Health Care Challenges
Source: Ron Struthers for Streetwise Reports  (4/18/18)
Mental illness is one of the toughest health issues, and Ron Struthers, editor of Struthers Report, profiles a company that is using blockchain technology to improve patient record access. More >

Biodegradable Packaging Stock with Big Upside
Source: Clive Maund for Streetwise Reports  (3/19/18)
Technical analyst Clive Maund charts an unusual company that he believes offers a lot of potential. More >

Drone Data Stock of Company that Assists Farmers in Improving Yields
Source: Clive Maund for Streetwise Reports  (3/19/18)
Technical analyst Clive Maund is bullish on a company that uses drones to help farmers stay on top of their crops. More >

James Kwantes

Hunting for Rough in a Storied Diamond Field
Source: James Kwantes for Streetwise Reports  (3/2/18)
Canada punches above its weight in the world of diamonds, says James Kwantes of Resource Opportunities, who discusses recent activity in the Canadian diamond mining scene. More >

Ron Struthers

Finding the Jackpot in the Electronic Gaming Machine Market
Source: Ron Struthers for Streetwise Reports  (3/1/18)
With gaming machines in casinos and on cruise ships taking off, Ron Struthers profiles one electronic game machine maker that he believes has hit the jackpot. More >

Company Brings Together Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Financial Trading
Source: Streetwise Reports  (2/21/18)
This tech company, which has been using artificial intelligence to produce financial research, has joint ventured with an Italian bank to create a financial trading platform that has the potential to be used by millions.
More >

Michael Sheikh

Breaking the Mold of Financing Startups: Who's Funding the Next Big Thing?
Source: Michael Sheikh for Streetwise Reports  (2/15/18)
A company is developing a new model for funding startups that offers an equity kicker to angel investing. More >

Tech Company Partners to Release Disruptive Blockchain Network
Source: Streetwise Reports  (1/25/18)
A tech company often used by government agencies collaborates with two marquee blockchain partners to create a blockchain network that virtually any government agency or business can use for secure quality and safety audits. More >

Game-Changing Smart Label Company Begins Trading on TSX Venture Exchange
Source: Streetwise Reports  (1/23/18)
Imagine if you could know if your iPhone was dropped in shipment, if medicine you had ordered had gotten too hot and lost its efficacy, or if a designer bag was authentic or counterfeit. Smart labels developed by this company could make all that possible. More >

Company Aims to Be Lowest-Cost Blockchain Producer
Source: Streetwise Reports  (1/6/18)
A company that aims to become the lowest-cost producer for digital currency mining and blockchain infrastructure has picked up a facility with low-cost electricity in Washington State. More >

Michael Sheikh

New App Could Push Social Media to a New Level
Source: Michael Sheikh for Streetwise Reports  (1/4/18)
As social media has evolved, it has attracted more and more users. Michael Sheikh of Falcon Strategic Research discusses a company with an app that he believes will break through the constraints of social media. More >

2017: A Year of Triple Digit Stock Performance
Source: Streetwise Reports  (12/28/17)
As stock indexes in the U.S. hit record highs in 2017, we take a look at some of the best performers profiled by Streetwise Reports in the last year, some of which have seen triple digit increases. More >

Adrian Day

A Set of Firms, Including Two Prospectors, Reviewed by Asset Manager
Source: Adrian Day for Streetwise Reports  (12/22/17)
A pair of resource companies, along with another couplet of firms, prompted commentary from investment analyst Adrian Day of Adrian Day Asset Management.
More >

Agricultural Drone Nano-Cap Inks Deal with Monsanto Subsidiary
Source: Streetwise Reports  (12/4/17)
As farming becomes increasingly centralized, the need for precise agricultural data grows. Streetwise Reports spoke with Rick Mills, founder of Ahead of the Herd, and Fabrice Taylor, publisher of President's Club, on the fusion of drone-supplied data and data analytics. More >

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