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Robert Cohen's Three Drivers for the Gold Price in 2014 (03/31/2014)

Like the rest of the market, Dynamic Funds is being choosy as it shifts cautiously from bullion to equities, in what Vice President and Portfolio Manager Robert Cohen describes as "baby steps." In this interview with The Gold Report, Cohen explains his method of analyzing miners and discusses companies that offer good prospects.


Medical Marijuana in Canada: A Growth Industry (03/30/2014)

"With new federal legislation in effect as of April 1, 2014, the market for medical marijuana in Canada is changing drastically."


Big Data Goes Hollywood: Alfred Maydorn (03/27/2014)

And now a word from Europe: Investment advisor and author Alfred Maydorn publishes the Maydornreport in Kulmbach, Germany, where he researches disruptive high-tech companies with great growth prospects. In this interview with Streetwise Reports' Special Situations, Maydorn reveals his top North American picks in the exponentially expanding media and big data spaces, highlighting firms with low profiles, remarkable products and what look to be explosive futures.


Conjuring Profits from Uranium's Resurgence: David Sadowski (03/27/2014)

It doesn't take a Ouija board to predict a rebound in the price of uranium: Global fuel stocks are insufficient, and unmet demand for uranium is growing. In this interview with The Energy Report, David Sadowski, a mining research analyst at Raymond James, explains the forces that will push the price of uranium, and the companies that are likely to benefit. Being selective, he says, will provide the greatest rewards.


From Lab Bench to Bedside: David Lowe Brings Common Sense to Neuroscience Investing (03/26/2014)

Billions of dollars have been spent chasing molecular targets in neurological diseases that now appear to be worthless. Effective therapies remain rare. But the market is enormous—and low risk—if a company can get a truly workable solution to patients. Consultant and neuroscientist David Lowe, president and CEO of NeuroAssets, helps biotech firms identify targets and find innovative ways to rapidly move drugs into the clinic. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Lowe describes one company with exciting preclinical and clinical-stage assets, and advances two more names worthy of investor attention.


Jeff Killeen: A Picky Player's Guide to a Cautiously Optimistic Mining Market (03/26/2014)

The price of gold may be enjoying a double-digit increase so far this year and some equities may even have doubled their value, but Jeff Killeen of CIBC World Markets says it's not time to jump into metals with both feet. Be selective, he counsels. In this interview with The Gold Report, Killeen shares the higher-quality names that have prospects for development.


CPM Yearbook Says Interest in Gold Equities Reviving as Bear Market Wanes (03/26/2014)

"While CPM does not expect the gold price to drop significantly from current levels, nor anticipates sharp increases in prices over 2014 and 2015, it does expect that gold equities would be expected to turn higher before the price of gold."


Natural Gas Stocks 2014: A Bullish Sign from This LNG Export News (03/26/2014)

"U.S. exports of LNG could mitigate any shortages in Europe caused by the Ukraine-Russia conflict."


Here's How Russia's Invasion of Crimea Could Benefit Some U.S. Oil Companies (03/26/2014)

"Companies that can buy oil for $16 or $17 per barrel cheaper can make a much larger profit margin than competitors that must pay more."


Mark Lackey: What Happens to a Mine Deferred? (03/25/2014)

The shuttering of huge copper and iron ore projects gives the Street the blues, but the resulting squeeze in supply can lead to explosive price hikes. Meanwhile, Mark Lackey, executive vice president of CHF Investor Relations, is eyeing infrastructure buildouts in China, Korea, Brazil and India that point to a swelling of demand. In this interview with The Mining Report, find out how Australian partnerships, the deepening of the Panama Canal and the South Korean-Canada trade agreement could result in major returns on investment, and why 2014 looks like a bounce-back year for potash.


Brien Lundin: East Meets West in Junior Market Rebound (03/24/2014)

Can you hear it? Brien Lundin can. It's the sound of the junior resource market mounting a comeback. Lundin, editor of Gold Newsletter, president and CEO of Jefferson Financial and the man behind the New Orleans Investment Conference, traces the rebound to Western speculators coming to the market at the same time that Asian buyers are maintaining a strong level of demand. In this interview with The Gold Report, Lundin pinpoints the fastest horses in his stable of top picks.


Is Gold at an Interim Top? (03/21/2014)

"False breakouts usually mark a key turning point."


Strong Commodities + Weak Dollar = Canadian Energy Investing Bonanza: Chad Ellison (03/20/2014)

Chad Ellison of Dundee Capital Markets is gearing up for a red-hot Canadian energy sector. Commodity price strength and weakness in the Canadian dollar are creating a discount in the country's oil and gas explorers and producers. In this interview with The Energy Report, Ellison elaborates on why he's excited to be an energy analyst again, and names companies with strong economics and management teams likely to reward energy investors.


Apply Market Savvy to Bear Market Debris; Uncover Biotech Treasures: Cleland and Ireland (03/20/2014)

Starting a new investment company and investing in very small biotechs can be a minefield. Because the business is fraught with bad science and liquidity traps, it takes insight and industry experience to ensure investment capital doesn't drop down a foxhole. Roadmap Capital CEO and Founder Hugh Cleland is in the process of negotiating the minefield now. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Cleland and Stephen Ireland, Roadmap Capital principal and healthcare partner, discuss five growth names with merit, plus two brief bonus picks.


What to Buy for Putin's New War: Nickel Could Surge (03/20/2014)

"If Putin were to cut nickel exports to Europe and the U.S., nickel prices would jump. Prices have already gone up from $6.50/lb to $7.40/lb over the last 30 days."


Michael Gray: Is Goldcorp's Bid for Osisko a Harbinger of a Gold Renaissance? (03/19/2014)

Optimism. Momentum. Buoyancy. Call it what you will, a positive current is running through the gold space. Macquarie Capital Markets' Canadian Mining Equity Research Team Head Michael Gray deconstructs some of the factors contributing to that newfound energy. Calling out merger & acquisition activity as a nascent trend, he shares with The Gold Report some of the names that could be on a senior gold producer's shopping list.


Jeb Handwerger: China Isn't Slowing Down, It's Buying Up (Resources, that Is) (03/18/2014)

Headlines about a Chinese economic slowdown may get good web traffic, but the real story is that China is buying up uranium and other resources around the world, says Gold Stock Trades writer Jeb Handwerger. Meanwhile, tensions in Russia highlight the massive country's resource dominance in natural gas, oil, uranium, platinum group metals, rare earths and nickel. Handwerger tells The Mining Report that North America is already acting to develop resources that can meet both domestic and international demand—and this global geopolitical uncertainty is an investment opportunity.


Promising Biotechs Target New Ways to Kill Bad Bugs: Venture Capitalist Dennis Purcell (03/18/2014)

Dennis Purcell, senior managing partner of Aisling Capital, has seen the biotechnology industry morph from exciting science project to a full-blown, multibillion-dollar industry producing blockbuster products that routinely save lives. Now a new crisis is looming, as drug-resistant bacteria evolve, proliferate and wreak havoc. With this dire need driving interest, Purcell believes a change of focus, from oncology and orphan drug indications to anti-infectives, will develop in 2014 and beyond. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Purcell shares ideas that could offer a definitive cure for your portfolio.


Feelin’ the Fire, Investors are Hot for Gold (03/18/2014)

"When real interest rates go above the positive 2% mark, you can expect the gold price to drop."


2014: The Year Gene Editing Shocks the World (03/18/2014)

"In labs, researchers can go in and they can basically rewrite the code of life, the genome encoded on the DNA molecule."


Rick Rule: Which Companies Will Bring in the Green? (03/17/2014)

Thoughts turn to green on St. Patrick's Day. Rick Rule of Sprott US Holdings believes the resources bull market is about 18 months from arriving and there could be multiple promising entry points in the market this summer. But in this interview with The Gold Report, he says that this rebound may not look like the one investors are expecting and shares tips on how to spot companies that may have pots of gold at the end of the rainbow.


In Need of Financial Safety? Here's Your Safe Haven (03/14/2014)

"Clearly, the world has plenty of uncertainty. From Russia, Ukraine, Venezuela, emerging currency devaluations, the sluggish U.S economy, as well as the slowdown in China, the world has hot spots. With this backdrop it's easy to understand why demand continues to grow. The world wants gold."


Tom Varesh: If Canada Opens the Spigot on Drilling, These Oil Services Companies Could Climb (03/13/2014)

One of Canada's top-ranked industrial investment analysts, Tom Varesh of M Partners, tells The Energy Report where to find the best-positioned oil services companies in the oil fields of western Canada. With many pipeline and E&P projects approved and still more seeking approval, western Canada looks primed for an energy renaissance. At this point, it's a case of "if you build it, they will come." Find out about the companies doing the building, and get exposure before share prices start sprinting.


Exuberant, Yes: Michael King on How the Oncology Drug Development Machine Builds Biotech Wealth (03/13/2014)

Veteran biotechnology analyst Michael King of JMP Securities has seen drug development evolve from hit-or-miss to the sophisticated, high-throughput discovery techniques in place today. He understands the sector, the entrepreneurs and the valuations as well as anyone on Wall Street. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, King zeros in on the oncology space, his focus for nearly two decades. Never single-minded, King's stable of thoroughbred names includes a bonus pick he likes very much in the field of fertility.


Derek Macpherson: Is It a Love Affair or a Tryst? (03/12/2014)

Investors have again begun flirting with the junior mining sector. Will it lead to a love affair or is it just a tryst? Derek Macpherson, a mining analyst with M Partners, believes it is still too early to be taking on high-risk, high-leverage names. In this interview with The Gold Report, he advises investors to carefully choose low-risk companies, even in this early stage of a rising gold price environment, and names a handful that investors could fall in love with.


Paul Adams: Investor-Friendly Australian Projects Around the World (03/11/2014)

Rather than shoot for the stars, Paul Adams of DJ Carmichael argues that junior miners should focus on more modest projects best suited to maximizing shareholder value. This means projects with reasonable capex, good grades and short turnaround times. In this interview with The Mining Report, Adams suggests gold, copper, iron ore and rare earths projects that can weather the complete commodities cycle, as well as a fascinating gold-silver outlier in Peru.


Mike Breard: Buy Small for Deep Profits (03/11/2014)

The Street's eyes may be on North Dakota, but Mike Breard also keeps an expert eye focused on smaller oil and gas companies drilling elsewhere. In this interview with The Energy Report, the Hodges Capital analyst discusses several companies drilling excellent wells in Texas, Oklahoma and the Gulf of Mexico. Breard, a veteran oil and gas analyst, knows the first names of some of the sharpest managers in the industry. Stick with the winning teams, he advises, even when they change firms.


More than 25,000 Investors and Mining Types Walked into PDAC. The Result Was. . .Realistic (03/10/2014)

PDACPDAC curse or blessing? Fresh from the Letter Writer Presentations track at the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada (PDAC) conference, The Gold Report asked thought leaders to share their impressions from the annual minefest. Adrian Day Asset Management Founder Adrian Day, Exploration Insights Publisher Brent Cook, House Mountain Partners Founder Chris Berry and The Daily Gold Premium Publisher Jordan Roy-Byrne used terms such as "realistic" and "muted." Eric Coffin, editor of Hard Rock Analyst, posited that the lack of excitement might actually benefit the few companies that rose on good conference-timed news because it removed the chance of a "PDAC curse" dropping stock prices after the event. Let's see if all the voices agree.


Making Green from Gold, Palladium and Pollution Concerns (03/10/2014)

"It seems that fear surrounding the international political landscape is helping to push the precious metals prices higher and higher."


Zimtu Capital Analyst Says All Roads Lead to the Athabasca Basin (03/06/2014)

To the World Nuclear Association, 2% uranium ore is high grade. At 14%, 16% and even 20% uranium, the grades in the Athabasca Basin are astounding analysts and investors around the world. Derek Hamill, Zimtu Capital Corp.'s new head of research, tells The Energy Report about where the investment dollars are moving in the Athabasca Basin, and what areas and companies are worth watching going forward.


Shining a Light on Overlooked and Underfollowed Biotechs: George Zavoico (03/06/2014)

Prospecting for hidden biotech gems makes sense, says H.C. Wainwright & Co. Managing Director George Zavoico, who recently joined the firm's healthcare equity research team. The digging can be hard, but the rewards of successful diligence are huge. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Zavoico takes readers on a discovery tour that follows clinical trial data to new ideas that could bring windfalls to portfolios down the road.


Better, Faster, Cheaper—You Can Have All Three in Medtech: Ben Haynor (03/05/2014)

Given that medical technology is an easy target for payers looking to cut reimbursements, it's important for investors to find device and diagnostic companies with the greatest efficiencies. Accuracy, speed and economy command a premium multiple because these features ultimately relieve pressure on margins, improve quality and reduce patient risk and institutional liability. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Senior Research Analyst Ben Haynor of Feltl & Co. shares his top two medtech names, which he expects will achieve outsized gains this year. He also delivers a couple of bonus names that investors could parlay into a profitable small- and micro-cap portfolio.


Ron Struthers: The Juniors Are Forging the Path Forward (03/05/2014)

Is the bear market in mining equities finally over? It looks that way, says Ron Struthers, publisher and editor of Struthers' Resource Stock Report. In this interview with The Gold Report, Struthers explains what distinguishes this recovery from past ones: TSX Venture Exchange stocks, not the majors, are leading the way. But which juniors should investors favor? Struthers names several with proven management, ample funding and good share structures.


Kiril Mugerman: Graphite Investors Should Look for Large Flakes, Small Resources (03/04/2014)

Companies that boast 80,000 ton-per-year production or high purity levels don't always impress Kiril Mugerman, mining analyst with Industrial Alliance Securities. Why? Because finding buyers for all those tons is a huge challenge, and thrifty end-users like to purify lower-grade graphite in-house. In this interview with The Mining Report, Mugerman explains why he looks for smaller projects that can hit revenue targets, and indicates which of the 176 graphite projects out there are worth your attention.


Uranium Hot Spots: Mauritania, Gabon and Zambia (03/04/2014)

"These countries have potential that has attracted many companies, from juniors to established multinationals."


Michael Ballanger: Junior Miners Rise from the Ashes (03/03/2014)

You didn't really think that junior miners would languish forever, did you? Junior mining stocks are starting to make a careful climb from the depths after tax-loss selling in December. But some investors, beaten down as badly as mining stocks, are still hesitant. For those investors, Michael Ballanger, director of wealth management and a certified investment manager with Richardson GMP, has a win-win strategy. In this interview with The Gold Report, Ballanger talks about his investment ideas for 2014 and a less risky twist on the balanced portfolio.


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