Sproutly Canada Inc.

Sproutly is a fast growing company that is focused on delivering innovative products to the cannabis marketplace.

Expert Comments:

Jimmy Mengel, Marijuana Manifesto (10/12/18)
"Sproutly Canada Inc. is one of the most exciting cannabis companies around. . .Coca-Cola and Pepsi are both actively searching for cannabis stocks, and I believe Sproutly is one of the best under-the-radar options for such a merger. . .it is trending in all the right ways."

Sector expert Clive Maund takes a look at a pair of cannabis-sector stocks, suggesting what investors pull out of one might be well placed in the second.
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Amanda Scriver, The Growth Op (8/14/18)
"Sproutly Canada Inc. is in the midst of developing a water-soluble extraction [of cannabinoids] with the company, Infusion Biosciences (IBS) Canada. . .over the past 12 years, the company has spent considerable time and research on water-soluble extraction research, and specifically the past 2.5 years on the cannabis plant. IBS Canada holds the exclusive rights to the aqueous phytorecovery process technology for the regulated jurisdictions of Canada, Australia, Israel, Jamaica and the entire European Union."

Blake Desaulniers, Financial News Now (7/31/18)
"Sproutly Inc.'s pending acquisition for this breakthrough science for extracting cannabinoids in water is patent pending; maybe even more important, it would be ridiculously difficult for someone else to reinvent it. That means the company's unique advantage and position in the coming marijuana supercycle are very well protected."

Blake Desaulniers, Financial News Now (7/9/18)
"Sproutly Inc. has made a deal for a breakthrough, patent pending discovery, whereby the active compounds, the tetrahydrocannabidiol and cannabidiols, in marijuana, are recovered in water to create a range of products to supply to the licensed producers and to the food and beverage industry. . .I can't overstate the importance of a natural product rather than a chemically altered one in this market space, hence, my position that the company is a category killer, if there ever was one!"

Canada has passed legislation that will allow the sale of marijuana for recreational use beginning in October, and a Canadian cannabis company with access to a disruptive technology that creates water soluble cannabinoids is about to complete a reverse takeover and begin trading on the Canadian Securities Exchange on July 9.
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Benjamin Smith, Midas Letter (7/6/18)
"Sproutly Inc., the world's first and only natural water soluble cannabis distiller, will begin trading on the Canadian Securities Exchange next Monday, bringing with it transcendent technology which could recast the cannabis sector as we know it. . .the company reformulated and improved upon a process which simultaneously solves the billion dollar onset/offset question while producing the most chemically unaltered end product and streamlined additive production process in the industry."

Jason Hamlin, Gold Stock Bull (6/28/18)
"Sproutly Inc. aims to be a vertically integrated cannabis consumer products company, bringing together pharma-grade cultivation, secured distribution solutions and advanced technologies to redefine the cannabis industry. It has not yet started trading but expects to in the next week or so. . .what excites me about the company is the patent it has pending for water soluble cannabis ingredients."

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Jason Hamlin, Founder – Gold Stock Bull
Clive Maund – gold, silver & oil shares
Chris Parry – Equity Guru

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