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The Nu-Med Plus mission is to design, develop and market new patented technologies in the medical field along with building key intellectual assets. The company's strategy is to focus on high-growth markets with a clearly defined need recognized by the medical community. Nu-Med's initial focus is on medical products that deliver therapeutic doses of Inhaled Nitric Oxide (INO) to patients. INO is used in neonatal hypertension and many pulmonary crises, in addition to having the potential to treat problems from malaria to wound healing. The company's product candidates are designed to be less expensive and more user-friendly for clinicians and end-users, as well as disruptive to the market.
With this development, the company advances blood/plasma transfusion technology.
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This Utah-based company rolled out an online campaign that highlights its strategic repositioning.
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Brett Earl
Dr. Brett Earl, a practicing physician and a vice president and director of Nu-Med Plus, discusses the many uses of nitric oxide and Nu-Med Plus' unique, low-cost delivery system.
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Ronald Day
Dr. Ronald Day, a pediatric cardiologist at the University of Utah, has been using nitric oxide to treat children with pulmonary hypertension. Now, with a court ruling invalidating much of a drug patent for nitric oxide, lower-cost options might become available.
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This company, which develops delivery products for inhaled nitric oxide, a gas used to treat newborns with low oxygen levels and patients with COPD, sees opportunity in a newly invalidated patent.
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With this move, this company aims for fast-tracked regulatory approval for its nitric oxide delivery system.
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This medical device company enters a partnership to provide quality and regulatory services.
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Ronald Day, Pediatric cardiologist

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Investing Highlights
Nitric Oxide Delivery is an untapped emerging market with incredible potential
Nu-Med Plus is developing a high volume disruptive product, including its portable unit
Products will be low cost, user friendly and available to hospitals, clinics, ERT and 3rd work countries
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