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BioLargo, Inc. (OTCQB:BLGO) is a cleantech and life sciences innovator and engineering services solution provider. Its core products address PFAS contamination, achieve advanced water and wastewater treatment, control odor and VOCs, improve air quality, and control infections and infectious disease. Its business approach is to invent or acquire novel technologies, develop them into product offerings, and extend their commercial reach through licensing and channel partnerships to maximize their impact.

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Clean Tech Subsidiary Finds Manufacturer for Wound Solution

BioLargo Inc. (BLGO:OTCQB) announced that subsidiary Clyra Medical Technologies Inc. has selected a company to support the manufacturing of its medical products, including its surgical wound irrigation solution, Bioclynse. See why one nonprofit group says the rate of healthcare-associated infections has remained high since the pandemic.

Clean Tech Co. Says It Has Built a New 'Reliable, Safe' Battery

Clean technology company BioLargo Inc. (BLGO:OTCQB) announced it has manufactured its "liquid sodium" prototype battery cells that it says are long-lasting and safer than lithium-ion batteries. One technical analyst said the stock is a great spot to buy.

Co. Awarded Contract for Air Quality Compliance at Air Force Bases

Clean tech company BioLargo Inc. (BLGO:OTCQB) announced its engineering subsidiary has been awarded a contract to provide air quality services at three New Mexico U.S. Air Force bases. The company is also seeing success with its pet odor control product and its solution to treat so-called "forever chemicals."

Co. Offers Solution as Research Reveals More 'Forever Chemicals' in Water

New research is revealing more bad news about just how far "forever chemical" pollution reaches in North America, pointing to an even bigger need for technology like BioLargo Inc.'s treatment systems for removing them.

Clean Tech Co. Reports Strong Q1 2024 Results

Research Report
BioLargo Inc. recently announced strong first quarter 2024 (1Q24) results, according to an Oak Ridge Financial Research note.

Clean Tech Co. Sees Positive Operating Cash Flow, Record Revenues

BioLargo Inc. announced record quarterly revenues of US$4.76 million for the three months ending March 31, a 28% increase over the first quarter of 2023. Find out why one analyst sees a bull market coming for the company.

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Expert Comments:

Richard Ryan, Oak Ridge Financial

"BioLargo Inc. announced Q1/24 revenues that again showed strong year-over-year and quarter-over-quarter growth. The company generated positive cash flow from operations and increased its shareholders' equity to $5.1M, all while maintaining minimal debt and ending the quarter with $4.3M in cash."

Richard Ryan, Oak Ridge Financial

"The final PFAS regulations from the Environmental Protection Agency validate BioLargo Inc.'s water treatment vision. . .under the new rule, water utilities must monitor PFAS chemicals and would be required to notify the public and reduce contamination if levels exceeded the new standard. . .the large emerging market for PFAS removal and the company's growing validation in this opportunity should not be overlooked."

Richard Ryan, Oak Ridge Financial

"BioLargo Inc. announced that 2023 revenues more than doubled the level the company reported in 2022, making it the second year in a row that revenues have grown at that rate. BioLargo maintained gross margin at 50%, doubled shareholders' equity, all while maintaining minimal debt and ending the year with $3.5M in cash."

Clive Maund,

"The fundamentals of BioLargo Inc. are superb with everything coming together in a positive manner after many years of work. So ultimately, the company's stock is believed headed much higher."

Richard Ryan, Oak Ridge Financial

"BioLargo Inc. announced that its 2023 revenues more than doubled the level it reported in 2022, making it the second year in a row that revenues have grown at that rate. . .the company's results continue to be driven by Pooph sales, its pet odor control product line that is being sold through national retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Chewy and a growing list of other retailers."

Clive Maund,

"Over the past couple of days after a steep advance, BioLargo Inc. has reacted back a shade. But the dramatic dieback in volume is bullish and suggests that this steep uptrend is not done yet."

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Company News 

6/20/2024 – BioLargo Engineering Increases Ongoing Revenue with Another Air Force Contract

6/12/2024 – BioLargo Subsidiary Clyra Medical Selects Keystone Industries to Support Manufacturing of its Medical Products

6/11/2024 – BioLargo Manufactures First Cellinity Battery Cells, a Safer Alternative to Lithium-ion

6/7/2024 – BioLargo Engineering Secures Multi-Year Air Force Base Air Compliance Project

5/14/2024 – BioLargo Generates Positive Operating Cash Flow on Record Quarterly Revenues for First Quarter of 2024

5/13/2024 – OTC Markets Group Welcomes BioLargo, Inc. to OTCQX

5/10/2024 – BioLargo Q1 2024 Earnings Results Webcast and Conference Call on Tuesday, May 14, 2024 - 5:30 PM Eastern Time

4/29/2024 – BioLargo, Inc. (BLGO) Leads in Cleantech Innovation with AEC Technology

4/23/2024 – EPA Adds PFAS to CERCLA (Superfund) Law, Favoring Low-Waste Systems like BioLargo's AEC

4/15/2024 – BioLargo PFAS Removal Technology Meets New US Drinking Water Standards

4/2/2024 – BioLargo Achieved 108% Year-Over-Year Revenue Growth in 2023

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BioLargo Inc. (BLGO:OTCQB)

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Investing Highlights
Invest-prove-partner business model that leverages credible partners to maximize impact
Unrivaled technologies to solve challenges in emerging environmental markets
Heading toward profitability, with average QoQ revenue growth of +25% over past two years
catalyst Calendar
2023, pet odor control product expanding nationwide through retailers
Major PFAS treatment projects underway, best technology to meet new regulations
Launch of safe, affordable long-duration energy storage battery technology