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Awakn Life Sciences Corp. is a revenue-generating biotechnology company researching, developing, and commercializing therapeutics to treat substance and behavioral addictions. Awakn has a near-term focus on Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD), a condition affecting 400 million people globally for which the current standard of care is inadequate. Our goal is to provide effective therapeutics to addiction sufferers in desperate need and our strategy is focused on commercializing our R&D pipeline across multiple channels.

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Expert Clive Maund reviews the 6-month and 15-month charts for Awakn Life Sciences Corp. to explain why he thinks this company's technical setup is exceptionally positive.
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One biopharma co. is teaming with a much larger pharmaceutical company to develop a fast-dissolving oral tablet to deliver MDMA to patients with Alcohol Use Disorder. Find out why developing an oral tablet could benefit the company in the long run.
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Clive Maund,

"Awakn Life Sciences Corp.'s technical setup is exceptionally positive and keeps getting better. . .the stock is in the process of completing the second low of a double bottom, and also, the volume pattern is strongly positive with persistent heavy buying since mid-August that has driven volume indicators strongly higher. . .Awakn is therefore considered to be an even stronger Buy than when we last looked at it."

Expert Clive Maund shares his view on Awakn Life Sciences Corp. as its stock continues to strengthen.
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Clive Maund,

"The technical picture for Awakn Life Sciences Corp. continues to strengthen, with the persistent strong upside volume since the middle of August that has driven the accumulation line higher pointing to an upside breakout soon both from the downtrend shown on the 15-month chart and from the fine double bottom pattern that has built out. . .this is a stock that it is thought to be worth going overweight on."

A small biotech has taken further steps to deepen the intellectual property moat for its potentially revolutionary treatment for alcohol addiction. Find out which company it is and why one analyst has given it a CA$8 target price.
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One healthcare company in the U.K. is bringing its proprietary Ketamine-assisted treatment for Alcohol Use Disorder to Canada. It's the second deal the company has made with a North American clinic operator this week. Find out why this won't be the last one.
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Expert Clive Maund reviews the latest update with Awakn Life Sciences Corp., including its recent rise in stock volume and the announcement that the company is to receive 66% funding support from the UK government for the development of its ketamine-assisted therapy treatment for alcohol use disorders.
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Clive Maund,

"There is still everything to go for with Awakn Life Sciences Corp. as it is now in position to break out of its downtrend into a new bull market. Since the company closed off its highs yesterday, Awakn is still at a very good entry point; thus, it continues to be rated a Strong Buy here."

One analyst says this healthcare co. has the opportunity to generate attractive CAPEX-light, high margin SaaS-like recurring revenues, which investors are currently getting for free, after the biotech firm entered the US market for alcohol addiction treatment through off-label licensing deals with a network of treatment clinics.
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Andrew Partheniou, Stifel

"Awakn Life Sciences Corp. announced its first KARE licensing agreement with Revitalist Lifestyle and Wellness, which primarily provides ketamine treatments for mental health conditions in 10 pro forma clinics across the U.S. This partnership marks the first milestone achieved after the beta launch of Awakn's licensing and partnerships program this past July, in line with expectations and demonstrates strong execution."

Awakn Life Sciences Corp.'s rating went to an Immediate Speculative Buy after it received substantial funding from the UK government. Expert Clive Maund shares his thoughts on the development.
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A revenue-generating junior biotech company based in the U.K. has become the first public company to be approved for a government grant to fund most of a Phase 3 study exploring the use of psychedelics to treat Alcohol Use Disorder. It could be a catalyst for the share price.
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Psychedelic-assisted therapy has shown in a clinical trial that it can help patients with Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) or alcoholism. One company hopes to bring its treatments to clinics throughout Europe and become the go-to standard of care for AUD.
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One healthcare co. is currently rated a Buy and is making a push for a share of the $17.5-billion addiction treatment industry after a recent study showed its psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy treatment showed a significant decrease in alcohol use, noted a Maxim Group equity research report.
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One healthcare company with upcoming catalysts wants to take a share of the CA$6-billion alcoholism treatment market with its proprietary psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy treatments.
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It is difficult to get three people to agree on anything, let alone three investment analysts. But that is precisely the case with one junior biotech company that has shown in a clinical trial that its ketamine-assisted therapy for alcohol use disorder (AUD) is three times more effective than the current standard of care.
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Patrick Trucchio, H.C. Wainwright & Co.

"Awakn Life Sciences Corp.'s key programs are on track. . .a follow-on behavioral study investigating ketamine in gambling disorder has been initiated with completion expected in H2/22. . . Awakn announced successful completion of hit to lead drug discovery program for new chemical entities and expects to initiate a lead optimization program in H2/22."

Patrick Trucchio, H.C. Wainwright & Co.

"Awakn Life Sciences Corp. remains focused on initiating a Phase 2b trial to evaluate MDMA-assisted therapy in alcohol use disorder, a program that we believe could emerge as the company's most valuable and that remains underappreciated by investors. . .the ketamine for reduction of alcoholic relapse (i.e., KARE) program is on track to advance to Phase 3 in H2/22."

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Jason McCarthy, Analyst – Maxim Group
Andrew Partheniou – Stifel
Matthew Pepler, Analyst – Canaccord Genuity
Patrick Trucchio, Analyst – H.C. Wainwright & Co.

Company News 

9/15/2022 – Awakn Life Sciences Reports Strong Q2 2022 Results

9/12/2022 – Awakn Life Sciences Signs Drug Development Agreement with Catalent for Zydis(R) Technology (An Orally Disintegrating Tablet) to Conduct Feasibility Studies to Improve Differentiation of Its MDMA Program

8/25/2022 – Awakn Life Sciences Signs Agreement with a Leading Drug Development Company to Deepen IP Moat for Its Lead Program

8/18/2022 – Awakn Life Sciences Signs Second Licensing Partnership Agreement and Expands Commercial Operations Into Canada

8/15/2022 – Awakn Life Sciences Expands Commercial Operations into the U.S. - First Licensing Partnership Agreement with Revitalist

8/15/2022 –  Revitalist Partners with Awakn Life Sciences as First Licensee in the United States to begin Redefining Treatment for Addiction, Recovery, and Relapse Prevention in the Psychedelic Space

7/20/2022 – Awakn Life Sciences' Phase III Trial Approved for Approximately CA$2.5 Million Funding from UK State Covering 66% of Costs

7/15/2022 – Awakn Life Sciences Provides a Business and Corporate Update

7/5/2022 – Awakn Life Sciences Receives UK State Funding to Identify Optimal Pathway to Market in UK & US for Its Lead Clinical Development Program - Ketamine-Assisted Therapy for Alcohol Use Disorder

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Investing Highlights
Significant Market Opportunity: Alcohol Use Disorder treatment industry is large ($35bn US alone) but underperforming with low post treatment abstinence rates
Late Clinical Stage Lead Program: Successful phase IIb for Alcohol Use Disorder, achieving 86% abstinence for 6 months post treatment
Deep Pipeline Already Generating Revenue: Multiple opportunities for value creation through deep R&D pipeline and already generating revenue Awakn Clinics in the Europe
catalyst Calendar
R&D: Progress lead program into Phase III; securing grant from UK state for 66% of costs of phase II
Commercialisation: Enter North American market in Q4 ’22 through out-licencing agreements to 3rd par
Capital Markets: Targeted up list to Nasdaq in 2023
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