Eden Rahim

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Eden Rahim is portfolio manager and option strategist at Next Edge Capital Corp. He manages the Next Edge Biotech Plus Fund. His experience includes two decades of portfolio and hedge fund money management, as well as work as an options strategist, derivatives and biotech analyst and portfolio manager. Rahim has managed and traded an options book spanning 250+ securities globally and four commodities, with open interest of 500,000 contracts in addition to 14 covered call ETFs (over $0.5B AUM) in Canada, the U.S. and Australia, employing his options writing discipline at Horizons Exchange-Traded Funds. Rahim possessed a top-quartile, five-year, five-star growth fund portfolio manager track record on over $1B in assets across four mandates at RBC Global Asset Management. In addition, Rahim has delivered a +26% compounded annual return across a biotechnology mandate between 1995-2003. He also has extensive institutional hedging experience through major crises, and experience in the structuring of notes to create specific payoff profiles.

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"PMN has achieved a lot with very little, and its understanding of the mechanism of action of Alzheimer's is quite significant."

— Eden Rahim, Next Edge Capital (4/5/17)
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