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Immunomedics Shares Double as Phase 3 Breast Cancer Trial Achieves 'Compelling' Efficacy Data
Source: Streetwise Reports  (4/6/20)
Shares of Immunomedics opened 117% higher after the company reported that it has stopped its Phase 3 ASCENT study of sacituzumab govitecan after recording "compelling evidence of efficacy" in heavily pretreated patients with metastatic triple-negative breast cancer. More >

Fate Therapeutics Shares Rise 10% as First Person Treated with Its Anti-Cancer Therapy
Source: Streetwise Reports  (4/3/20)
Shares of Fate Therapeutics traded higher after the firm reported it has treated the first patient in a first-in-human trial of FT596 for patients with B-cell malignancies and chronic lymphocytic leukemia. More >

Three COVID-19 Patients Treated with PLX Cells
Source: Streetwise Reports  (4/1/20)
Two programs, one new and the other ongoing, involving Pluristem Therapeutics' regenerative products are reviewed in a Dawson James report. More >

Kiniksa Shares Trade Up 30% on COVID-19 Pneumonia and Hyperinflammation Treatment
Source: Streetwise Reports  (3/31/20)
Shares of Kiniksa Pharmaceuticals traded higher after the company reported early success in treatment response for mavrilimumab in six patients with severe COVID-19 pneumonia and hyperinflammation. More >

Eton Pharma Shares Climb 20% After Firm Secures US Rights for Pediatric Kidney Disease Drug
Source: Streetwise Reports  (3/27/20)
Shares of Eton Pharmaceuticals traded higher after the company reported that it has acquired U.S. marketing rights to pediatric orphan drug Alkindi® Sprinkle from Diurnal Group Plc. More >

Maker of Antibiotic-Free Animal Supplement Lands First Order from Mexico
Source: Streetwise Reports  (3/26/20)
This new market is a significant one for Avivagen. More >

 McAlinden Research Partners

Coronavirus Propels Telemedicine into the Spotlight
Source: McAlinden Research for Streetwise Reports  (3/26/20)
McAlinden Research Partners takes a look at how telemedicine companies are positioned to profit both during and in the wake of the current pandemic, and offers a couple of options for investors. More >

Biopharma to Accelerate Alzheimer Trial Completion
Source: Streetwise Reports  (3/25/20)
The upcoming catalysts for Axsome Therapeutics and the effects of COVID-19 on its clinical activities are discussed in an H.C. Wainwright & Co. report. More >

Clinical Catalysts Impending for California-Based Biopharma
Source: Streetwise Reports  (3/18/20)
The firm's three upcoming potential stock movers are reviewed in a ROTH Capital Partners report. More >

iBio Shares Trade Up 40% After Announcing Development of Proprietary COVID-19 Vaccine Candidates
Source: Streetwise Reports  (3/18/20)
iBio Inc. shares traded higher after the company reported that it has filed several provisional patents for its SARS-CoV-2 Virus-Like Particle platform with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. More >

Regeneron Shares Rise 10% on Advances in its Novel COVID-19 Antibody Program
Source: Streetwise Reports  (3/17/20)
Shares of Regeneron Pharmaceuticals rose to a new 52-week high price after the company reported it has identified hundreds of virus-neutralizing antibodies and plans to initiate large-scale manufacturing by mid-April of a multi-antibody therapy to treat coronavirus. More >

Predictive Oncology Launches AI Vaccine and Drug Platform & Acquires Technology
Source: Streetwise Reports  (3/12/20)
Shares of Predictive Oncology traded higher after the company reported that it launched a new AI vaccine and drug development platform targeting coronaviruses and acute respiratory syndromes and that it is acquiring Soluble Therapeutics assets including its HSC Technology. More >

AIM ImmunoTech Shares Soar as Japan's NIID Tests Ampligen® as Potential Coronavirus Treatment
Source: Streetwise Reports  (3/9/20)
Shares of AIM ImmunoTech traded more than 150% higher after the company reported that Japan's National Institute of Infectious Diseases will test its Ampligen® drug as a potential treatment for the coronavirus. More >

U.S.-Based Biotech 'Growing into a Giant with AI'
Source: Streetwise Reports  (3/7/20)
How Moderna uses and benefits from digitization and artificial intelligence are described in a ROTH Capital Partners report. More >

Avivagen to Be Featured on BioPub Webcast Hosted by Dr. KSS MD PhD on March 6
Source: Streetwise Reports  (3/5/20)
Webcast will be at 12 noon ET on Friday, March 6. More >

Antibody Developer Taken Out by Gilead at 'Hefty Premium'
Source: Streetwise Reports  (3/4/20)
The reasons Forty Seven attracted a buyer and its near-term catalysts are provided in a BTIG report. More >

Ocular Therapeutix Shares Climb More than 25% on Q4 Revenue and Phase 1 Wet AMD Clinical Data
Source: Streetwise Reports  (3/4/20)
Ocular Therapeutix shares set a new 52-week high price after the company reported preliminary FY/19 revenue results along with positive interim data from its Phase 1 clinical study of OTX-TKI for treatment of wet age-related macular degeneration. More >

Karyopharm Trades Up 60% on Positive Phase 3 Multiple Myeloma Results
Source: Streetwise Reports  (3/2/20)
Karyopharm Therapeutics shares set a new 52-week high price after the company reported that its Phase 3 BOSTON trial of XPOVIO® achieved significant increases in progression-free survival in patients suffering with multiple myeloma. More >

Sangamo Shares Trade 30% Higher on Q4 Earnings and Biogen Collaboration
Source: Streetwise Reports  (2/28/20)
Sangamo Therapeutics shares traded higher after the company reported Q4/19 and FY/19 earnings and advised that it signed a global collaboration agreement with Biogen to develop gene regulation therapies for Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, neuromuscular and neurological diseases. More >

Moderna Shares Climb on Development of mRNA Vaccine for Phase 1 Coronavirus Study
Source: Streetwise Reports  (2/25/20)
Shares of Moderna traded 23% higher after the company reported that it has developed and shipped an mRNA vaccine against novel coronavirus for use in a Phase 1 testing study in the U.S. More >

Two Stock-Moving Catalysts Expected in March for Biopharma
Source: Streetwise Reports  (2/25/20)
These events for Axsome Therapeutics are described in an H.C. Wainwright & Co. report. More >

NGM Biopharma Shares Rise on Positive Topline Data from Phase 2 NASH Trial
Source: Streetwise Reports  (2/24/20)
Shares of NGM Biopharmaceuticals reached a new 52-week intraday high price after the company posted positive topline data from Cohort 4 of its Phase 2 study of aldafermin in NASH Patients. More >

Antibiotic-Free Feed Additive Shows Benefit in Cow Mastitis Trial
Source: Streetwise Reports  (2/24/20)
Avivagen's proprietary product yielded statistically significant results. More >

Baudax Shares Rise as FDA Approves NDA for Its Non-Opioid Pain Medication
Source: Streetwise Reports  (2/21/20)
Shares of Baudax Bio traded more than 20% higher and set a new 52-week high price after reporting that the FDA approved the company's non-opioid ANJESO™ drug for management of moderate to severe pain. More >

FDA Approval of Biopharma's Pain Drug Expected This Year
Source: Streetwise Reports  (2/19/20)
The reasons a green light is anticipated and how it relates to the closing of Avenue Therapeutics' pending acquisition are discussed in an H.C. Wainwright & Co. report. More >

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