NovX21 Inc.


NovX21 Inc. operates an industrial prototype plant located near Quebec City for the recovery of platinum group elements (platinum, palladium and rhodium or PGMs). The patented process yields more than 97% recoveries of PGMs, and is not only much less capital extensive but also operates much more rapidly than conventional plants, thus dramatically lowering the amount of time that capital is tied up as work-in-process inventory. NovX21's mission is to sustainably recover precious metals by recycling end-of-life PGM containing components while meeting global "green" standards for the automobile industry. NOvX21 is constantly developing its platform technology to recover PGMs and other metals.

NovX21 also holds the mineral rights to six mining properties and has focused its exploration activities on the Menarik property in the James Bay area, in the Province of Quebec, the site of a major chromite deposit with occurrences of gold, nickel, copper and platinum group metals (PGMs).

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