Algernon Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Algernon is a Canadian clinical stage drug development company investigating multiple drugs with global unmet medical needs. Algernon has active research programs for idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (“IPF”) with chronic cough, chronic kidney disease, and a psychedelic program investigating a proprietary form of DMT for stroke. Two of Algernon’s lead drugs are based on drug repurposing and the third compound is a naturally occurring psychedelic drug.

Drug repurposing offers several benefits over traditional drug development including a reduction in investment and risk (repurposed compounds have a much lower risk of failing in human trials as a result of safety issues), shorter research periods and a longer active patent life. Our program specifically investigates compounds that have never been approved in the U.S. or Europe.

We protect our lead compounds with method of use, dosing, and new formulation patents, as well as composition of matter patents that include derivatives and analogues. The Algernon model is highly capital efficient, and the company has assembled an experienced management team, a globally recognized medical and scientific advisory board, and a business advisory board.

Expert Comments:

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Dr. André Uddin, Research Capital Corporation

"Positive Phase 2a data was previously achieved with Algernon Pharmaceuticals Inc.'s ifenprodil in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis and chronic cough. . .we believe management is going to hone most of its efforts on its lead candidate ifenprodil for chronic cough and advance it into Phase 2b trials."

Algernon Pharmaceuticals has entered into a clinical trial agreement with Yale and caught expert Clive Maund's attention. In light of this, Maund reviews the company's chart to tell you when he believes you should buy it.
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Clive Maund,

"Algernon Pharmaceuticals Inc. got sold down further than we expected, making an unexpected further drop last week that took it down close to a trend line connecting a series of lows; however the company now looks set to reverse to the upside, especially as this morning it came out with the news that it has entered into a clinical trial agreement with Yale University for a DMT Phase 2 depression study. . .anyone holding should therefore stay long, and Algernon is rated a Buy again here."

Clive Maund,

"Algernon Pharmaceuticals Inc. has reacted back further than expected with the result that it has arrived back in a zone of strong support where a string of bullish candles has formed since early this month. It is deeply oversold here on its moving average convergence-divergence (MACD) and relative to its moving averages, with the normalizing MACD histogram (bars) calling for a rally soon, especially as we have only seen upside volume in recent days. . .the company is rated an immediate Strong Buy."

Clive Maund,

"One stock viewed as an Immediate Buy here is Algernon Pharmaceuticals Inc. Although it has reacted back heavily in recent weeks following a very strong runup, the reaction is within normal parameters, especially given what happened to the market as a whole; this reaction has brought it back into a zone of support near to its rising 50-day moving average, so that even a minor relief rally in the broad market could see it shoot back up again."

Expert Clive Maund reviews the 6-month and 15-month charts for Awakn Life Sciences Corp. to explain why he thinks this company's technical setup is exceptionally positive.
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One small-cap pharma co. just published more good news on a possible treatment for patients suffering from idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, a lung disease that's usually terminal. Find out why the company has more near-term catalysts and may continue to build on an 84% gain since a private placement in mid-August.
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Chris Temple
Expert Chris Temple gives his view on Algernon Pharmaceuticals stock in light of its positive results for its Phase 2a study for the treatment of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis and chronic cough.
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A Canadian hedge fund doubled its stake in a tiny biotech that demonstrated promising results in a study that used a former Sanofi drug called Ifenprodil to treat idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis and chronic cough. Find out the name of the company and why one analyst has given it a 12-month CA$25 target price — a 560% increase from the unit price in its recent placement.
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Clive Maund,

"Algernon Pharmaceuticals Inc. announced the successful closing of its financing, which was oversubscribed. This will lift a restraint from the stock price. . .the company's largest shareholder has upped its stake significantly so that it now owns over 13% of the stock, which is of course a vote of confidence. . .so the case for buying Algernon here could scarcely be stronger. . .this is definitely a stock that is worth going overweight on."

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Clive Maund,

"Given the bright fundamentals, Algernon Pharmaceuticals Inc.'s reaction earlier this week is thought to be about over. . .it is a good time to make fresh purchases as the company is rated Buy again here."

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A scientist at a junior biotech company recently conducted an additional review of the top line data from a Phase 2a study that used NP-120 to treat idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) and chronic cough — only to learn that it treated chronic cough far better than first thought.
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Vancouver-based pharmaceutical development firm Algernon Pharmaceuticals Inc. recently reported topline data from a Phase 2a trial of ifenprodil in IPF patients with chronic cough that met its endpoint and demonstrated promising initial efficacy. Research Capital Corp. advised that it is maintaining its CA$25.00/share price target and "Speculative Buy" rating on the company.
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Gerard Adams, President & CEO – National Inflation Association
Clive Maund –
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Bob Moriarty, Author – 321 Gold
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Chris Temple, Editor and Publisher – The National Investor
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Dr. André Uddin – Research Capital Corporation

Company News 

12/5/2022 – Algernon Pharmaceuticals Receives U.S. FDA Orphan Drug Designation for Ifenprodil for the Treatment of Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis

11/16/2022 – Algernon Pharmaceuticals Screens First Subject in Phase 1 DMT Human Stroke Study

10/24/2022 – Algernon Pharmaceuticals Enters into a Clinical Trial Agreement with Yale University for a DMT Phase 2 Depression Study

10/14/2022 – Algernon Pharmaceuticals Announces Dr. Rick Strassman author of "DMT: The Spirit Molecule" to Join CEO Christopher J. Moreau for Keynote Science Address at Wonderland Conference

9/21/2022 – Algernon Pharmaceuticals Announces Receipt of CDN $450K Cash Refund from Australian Research Program

9/19/2022 – Algernon Pharmaceuticals Files for Orphan Designation with the U.S. FDA for Ifenprodil as a Treatment of IPF

9/12/2022 – Algernon Pharmaceuticals Receives Approval for Groundbreaking Phase 1 DMT Human Stroke Study

9/8/2022 – Algernon Pharmaceuticals Secures Lead Sponsorship of 2022 Wonderland Psychedelic Conference in Miami

7/7/2022 – Algernon Pharmaceuticals Provides Update on Its Phase 1 DMT Stroke Study

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Investing Highlights
Advancing new drug treatments for billion dollar global disease markets.
Conducting multiple phase II clinical trials
Experienced management team & globally recognized medical advisory board
catalyst Calendar
U,S, FDA End-of-Phase 2 COVID-19 Study Meeting, Q2, 2021
Phase 2 trial for IPF and chronic cough data expected Q4, 2021.
Phase 1 Study planned for DMT, Q4 2021