Sproutly Canada Inc.

Sproutly is a fast growing company that is focused on delivering innovative products to the cannabis marketplace.

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The company continues to make preparations while it awaits receipt of a sales license.
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Jimmy Mengel, Marijuana Manifesto

"Sproutly Canada Inc. has indeed entered an agreement with a large beverage company. . .They have struck a joint venture deal to develop their patented cannabis beverages with Moosehead Breweries. Details are still coalescing, but there is no other way to say that this is a great achievement for an unknown company. . .This is good news. . .and I am excited to see what comes next — once they can release the products."

Clive Maund, CliveMaund.com

"Sproutly Canada Inc. is completing a particularly fine bull pennant. With volume having died back to a very low level, another up-leg is believed to be imminent, and it should be big like the first one and take it to new highs; so we stay long and it is an immediate Strong Buy here."

Jimmy Mengel, The Crow's Nest

"Sproutly Canada Inc. has the potential beverage deal; the company has the oil license. And now, I also saw, it has hired Ogilvy, the most famous advertising agency in the world. . .it seems like that's a pretty damn good way to get the word out. . .we're loading up on Sproutly in anticipation of a big buyout and a rollout of the new branding."

This represents a major milestone for the firm on its path to commercializing its products.
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Jimmy Mengel, The Marijuana Manifesto

"Sproutly Canada Inc. is currently negotiating with a beverage company regarding a potential partnership to jointly develop and market cannabis-infused beverages. . .if/when the deal is finalized, the stock should go far higher than we've seen over the last week. . .it sounds like things are working out exactly as I hoped."


"As Sproutly Canada Inc. approaches the legalization of edibles and beverages, it is developing its brand and partnership strategy with respect to APP technology; the company will look to maximize the use of the exclusive Canadian license for APP technology that it obtained through the acquisition of Infusion Biosciences Canada Inc. APP technology is a patent-pending process that gently recovers naturally water-soluble cannabinoids as well as natural oils, recovering between 85% and 90% of the total bioactive cannabinoids in the plant."


"In developing the world's first natural, truly water-soluble cannabis solution made with bionatural oils, Sproutly Canada Inc. is positioned to revolutionize the cannabis beverage and edibles market. . .the company hopes to utilize its partners' existing customer bases to increase widespread consumer exposure to this technological breakthrough, achieving greater market penetration. . .with the Canadian cannabis beverage and edibles market preparing for potential legalization in 2019, Sproutly is anticipating a strong year of expansion."

This Canadian company intends to next launch a marketing campaign for the new product suite.
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The firm also makes progress in obtaining technology rights and various licenses.
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