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Mineworx is positioned for growth in the catalytic converter and mining sectors through the development and commercialization of its proprietary, environmentally friendly processing technologies for the recovery of precious metals. Initial focus is the extraction of platinum and palladium from diesel catalytic converters with its partner Davis Recycling and will be building its first commercial extraction facility in Tennessee, USA. The company is also furthering the development of a historic iron ore concession which it holds a 100% interest in South-Eastern Spain. For further information go to


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Small tech company Mineworx has partnered with a Tennessee recycling company to extract platinum and palladium from diesel catalytic converters in a ground-breaking method that bypasses smelting, historically a major polluter.
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As the world adopts Cleantech as a means to curb environmental pollution, U.S.-based Mineworx Technologies Ltd. (MWX:TSX.V) has found a technological replacement for the traditional mining of precious metals. Mineworx uses its unique cleantech to economically and cleanly extract platinum and palladium from spent diesel catalysts.
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André Will-Laudien, News Financial

"Mineworx Technologies Ltd.'s main approach here is the commercialization of its proprietary, environmentally friendly processing technologies for the recovery of precious metals in the catalytic converter and mining sectors. . .the company will build the first commercial extraction plant in Tennessee. . .Mineworx is a green investment with a clear vision in the environment of disruptive change within future mobility."

Mineworx's disruptive technology will be used in a new plant that will produce platinum and palladium and is projected to generate up to $100 million in revenue annually.
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Armin Schulz, News Financial

"Planning for Mineworx Technologies Ltd.'s pilot plant has been completed and fully financed. . .the company's market capitalization is CA$23M. Considering that the iron ore reserves in Cehegin alone, at an assumed 60 Mt, have a value of over €10B, the opportunities are enormous."

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Company News 

11/26/2021 – Mineworx Technologies: Positioned for Growth

10/13/2021 – Mineworx Relocates Pilot Plant

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Investing Highlights
Clean technology for the extraction of precious metals from used diesel catalytic converters
Forecast start of phase one commercialization late 2021
Iron ore is hitting new highs. Currently drilling iron property in Spain
catalyst Calendar
Pilot plant for precious metal extraction technology Q2 2021
Results from iron ore drill program August 2021
Start of full scale commercialization late 2021