Red Metal Resources Ltd.

Red Metal Resources is a junior exploration company with a drill ready copper, gold, cobalt project in the Coastal Cordillara, Chile.
Red Metal Resources' geological team is eyeballing a global copper supply crunch.
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Company News 

1/12/2022 – Red Metal Resources Announces Update on 2022 Exploration Program and Marketing and Investor Relations Services

12/1/2021 – Red Metal Resources Announces Appointment of Exploration Manager

11/24/2021 – Red Metal Resources Announces Listing Date on the Canadian Securities Exchange, Grant of Stock Options and Closing of Subscription Receipt Offering

11/19/2021 – Red Metal Resources Announces Receipt of Final Prospectus and Conditional Approval for Listing on the CSE

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Investing Highlights
Significant high grade (+1.2% Cu/Au Eq) copper resource potential to be drilled
Management with a track-record of exploration success with major mining companies (Goldcorp, Placer Dome)
Tight share structure (45M shares, 30%-owned by insiders and management
catalyst Calendar
Identifying drilling targets to expand known mineralization (September 2021)
Drilling financing (October 2021)
Drilling results (December 2021)
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