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2023/5/31 16:22:59


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Volatus Aerospace Corp. (VOL:TSX; VLTTF:OTCQB)

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Company News 

5/30/2023 – Volatus Aerospace Receives Canada-Wide Approval to Operate Heavy Spray Drones for Precision Agriculture

5/25/2023 – Volatus Aerospace Corp. Announces First Quarter 2023 Results

5/10/2023 – Volatus Aerospace Signs an Exclusive Distribution Agreement for AEE in the Americas

5/9/2023 – Volatus Aerospace Becomes Velos Rotors Partner

5/3/2023 – Volatus Aerospace Approved to Fly Beyond Line of Sight, above 400 Feet by Transport Canada to Support with Forest Fires in Canada

4/27/2023 – Volatus Aerospace Corp. Announces Fiscal 2022 Financial Results

4/5/2023 – Volatus Aerospace Completes the Acquisition of Sky Scape Industries, LLC.

3/6/2023 – Volatus Aerospace Secures Annual Recurring Contract to Expand Pipeline Corridor Surveillance in Eastern Canada

3/2/2023 – Volatus Aerospace Expands Electric Utilities Business in US with Acquisition of Sky Scape Industries, LLC.