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The Gold-to-Silver Ratio: A Truly Generational Opportunity (03/31/2016)

Precious metals expert Michael Ballanger says that owning silver versus owning gold is a high-probability trade that could be the 2016 Trade of the Year.


VANC Pharmaceuticals Could Earn 75% Net Margin with OTC Iron Supplement (03/28/2016)

On March 7, VANC Pharmaceuticals announced the launch of a new over-the-counter (OTC) iron supplement called Hema-Fer. As the company gears up to market Hema-Fer across Canada, it is important to understand that VANC sells two types of products: generic prescription drugs and over-the-counter products.


Marc Faber: Gold Still Most Desirable Currency in Wake of Brussels Attack (03/28/2016)

After several years of low gold prices, 2016 has brought a rebound, with the metal rising almost 20% since the first of the year, although recent price corrections have slowed gold's advance. After the Brussels terrorist attacks last Tuesday, gold rose briefly, but then was undercut by a strong U.S. dollar rally. Investors are wondering whether gold is in a temporary correction mode or if the three-month bull has run its course. Marc Faber and other experts weigh in.


Gold Royalty Companies Continue to Progress (03/28/2016)

The large gold royalty companies remain among our top holdings, notwithstanding the high valuations and our comments on the overall gold market and short-term concern on the gold stocks.


Gold: Correction Ahead, But Market Very Strong (03/25/2016)

Gold is up over 15% this year so far, while the gold stocks (per XAU index) have risen over 50%. But investors are skeptical about this year's gold rally, and that's a good thing. For the past several years, we have seen strong rallies in gold and gold stocks early in the year, only to see the market reverse and end the year down. Investors are reluctant to jump on board this year's rally.


Reservoir Minerals Has Many Options to Enhance Value (03/24/2016)

Reservoir Minerals Inc. (RMC:TSX.V) has moved up sharply this month—over 50%—after Lundin Mining Corp. (LUX:TSX) made an offer to buy part of Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold Inc.'s (FCX:NYSE) interest in its joint venture with Reservoir. But it remains a strong buy.


How to Trade Sarepta Therapeutics Ahead of ADCOM: Chen Lin (03/24/2016)

Sarepta Therapeutics Inc. (SRPT:NASDAQ) is scheduled to have its FDA Advisory Committee Meeting (ADCOM) to review eteplirsen as a treatment for Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) amenable to exon 51 skipping on April 25, a little over a month from now. According to newsletter writer Chen Lin, this is a huge binary event for the company. In this article, Lin lays out his investment thesis on the stock ahead of the meeting, and his hopes for eteplirsen's approval.


Cellceutix Pipeline Continues to Hit Milestone After Milestone (03/23/2016)

Cellceutix Corp. (CTIX:OTCMKTS), a small-cap biotech company focused on developing novel compounds for a range of applications, has released a flurry of announcements over the past five weeks as several of its pipeline drugs cleared regulatory hurdles and readied for their next milestones. The series of press releases on three different Cellceutix experimental drugs put a charge in the stock, sending it upward in a matter of a few days by more than 57% to a high of $1.81/share on Tuesday, March 21.


Ominous Response to Brussels Torpedoes Precious Metals Rally… (03/23/2016)

Michael Ballanger discusses the effect of events in Brussels on precious metals.


Sumitomo's Quest for Gold Starts with Viscount Mining (03/21/2016)

Japanese giant Sumitomo Corporation is on a quest for gold. Its only exploration-level joint venture is with Viscount Mining. Resource Maven Gwen Preston explores the Viscount proposition, including the historic potential of its Cherry Creek, Nevada, land package and its potential to produce Carlin-type gold.


Anchored in the Misery of the Last Bear Market… (03/18/2016)

Michael Ballanger dissects Friday's Commitment of Traders Report and whether it indicates bullish or bearish movements.


Torchlight Energy: Unlocking Value into the Oil Bear (03/17/2016)

The low price of oil has meant that a lot of companies are going broke, but not so with Torchlight Energy. A subsidiary of D.R. Horton is spending $50 million, fully funding the development of Torchlight's Orogrande project over the next 24 months.


Towels Thrown In, White Flags raised? Not Yet, but Close… (03/17/2016)

In the wake of what Michael Ballanger calls a "non-decision by the U.S. central banksters," the precious metals expert remains cautious and watchful. In this article, Ballanger offers his take on what the recent Fed decision on interest rates means for investors and the markets, and the circumstances that might force him to toss in the towel.


From Acorns Mighty Biotech Trees Can Grow: Laidlaw's Jim Molloy (03/16/2016)

After a devastating start to 2016, biotech stocks have snapped back. Laidlaw & Co. analyst Jim Molloy likes the resurgence he's seeing in biotechnology share prices, but cautions that confirmation of a recovery will require cash-laden drug developers to begin acquiring smaller biotechs trading at depressed market valuations. In the meantime, Molloy says, individual and small institutional investors can still buy growth stories at bargain prices. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Molloy mentions three names with near-term catalysts that, with good data, can bring a needed lift to biotech portfolios.


'Et tu, Brute?': It Took a Month for the Commercials to Pull the Trigger… (03/15/2016)

When precious metals expert Michael Ballanger looks at the current state of the precious metals markets, he is reminded of that scene from Shakespeare's Julius Caesar when the wounded emperor looks up into his friend Brutus' eyes and utters the immortal words, "Et tu, Brute?"


Zero-Hour for the Precious Metals… (03/14/2016)

Just as the world was breathing a massive and collective sigh of relief that a new bull market in gold and silver had arrived with all the pomp and pageantry of a Royal Wedding, the Barbarians climbed the walls and are now very close to razing the palace, says precious metals expert Michael Ballanger.


Near-Term Gold Forecast: The Thrill of Victory and the Agony of Indecision. . . (03/11/2016)

Man-oh-man, the heat I am taking over my recent "Caution" stance on the near-term outlook for gold and silver is now verging on the theatre of the absurd, says precious metals expert Michael Ballanger.


Hedge Fund Chief Warren Irwin's Blockbuster Uranium Call and His Best Metal and Oil Plays (03/10/2016)

The event-driven hedge fund Rosseau LP has beat its benchmark by over 50% since inception in 1998, and its founder and CIO Warren Irwin says it does so by going deep, looking at very specific events or situations that are special within industry sectors. Irwin made his name by shorting Bre-X some 20 years ago and hasn't looked back. In this interview with The Gold Report, Irwin gives us a peek into Rosseau's portfolio, discussing opportunities that he is excited about in metals, uranium and oil.


Seven Biotech Names on the Upswing: 2016 Small-Cap Biotech Watchlist Update (03/09/2016)

Biotech stocks—and the stock market in general—took a dive at the beginning of 2016, headed down on macroeconomic factors such as financial instability in China. The Life Sciences Report's 2016 Small-Cap Biotech Watchlist was not immune to that movement, heading into negative territory almost from the moment the selected companies were introduced. But as the market has shown signs of rebounding, so too has the Watchlist.


VSA Capital's Paul Renken: Gold and Lithium Companies that Are Sizzling Hot (03/07/2016)

There wasn't much sizzle in the gold equities space in recent years, but that has recently changed. Paul Renken, chief geologist and analyst with London-based VSA Capital, says the recent uptick in the gold price—which he says should stay near current levels for a while—will boost the margins of already profitable gold producers. Renken is even more bullish on lithium, while remaining optimistic about uranium. In this interview with The Gold Report, Renken provides the gold, lithium and uranium names with sizzle.


Kiss the Bear Goodbye (But Wear a Helmet). . . (03/04/2016)

Friday's morning action in gold has been at once both terrific and frothy, wonderful and scary, and redemptive and soothing, says precious metals expert Michael Ballanger.


Embrace Low-Cap Biotech for High Gains: Eden Rahim of Next Edge Capital (03/02/2016)

Eden Rahim of Toronto-based Next Edge Capital has had his share of multibagger and grand-slam successes, and is one of the few mutual fund managers who feels comfortable investing in micro-cap biotech names side-by-side with billion-dollar biotech stocks. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Rahim describes a group of micro-, small- and mid-cap biotech names possessing powerful growth drivers that could perform even when the overall market is not so hot.


Behold the New Golden Bandwagon. . . (03/02/2016)

Precious metals expert Michael Ballanger says we are actually back in a bona fide, brand-spanking-new bull market in gold and the gold miners.


Faulty Barometer (03/02/2016)

A cacophony of a recession chatter is filling the airwaves. Some experts are already declaring we are in one while others are raising warning flags. Their message has not been lost on the masses: Google searches for the word "recession" have risen to the highest level since 2012. Interestingly, many commentators cite the 20% decline in global stock prices as the warning signal, if not the cause. But veteran investor Joe McAlinden believes the U.S. economy will continue to expand in the year ahead.


Commodities: Early Signs of Bottoming (03/02/2016)

Veteran investor Leon Tuey says he believes, contrary to conventional wisdom, the economy is not heading into recession and commodities are showing early signs of bottoming.


Negative Outside Reversal Day: Beware the Ides of March (03/01/2016)

Precious metals expert Michael Ballanger believes we are in the very early stages of an absolutely breath-taking bull market in mining stocks and the precious metals, but like the famous Aesopian fable, sometimes it's the tortoise that wins the race by simply plodding along and exercising patience and a tad of caution.


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