Hilltop Cybersecurity Inc.

Hilltop Cybersecurity is run by a highly experience team of security experts with military backgrounds. The company has developed a unique, patented cybersecurity platform, designed to protect businesses from external and internal cyberattack and has also patented its biometric security solution for cryptocurrencies.

Expert Comments:

Alex Koyfman, First Call (12/18/18)
"Hilltop Cybersecurity Inc. announced that it had entered into a definitive cybersecurity agreement to license Hilltop products [to] as well as provide cybersecurity services for Island Mining SEZC in its Cayman Islands headquarters as well as Japan, Canada and in other areas in which it will operate. The transaction consists of a CA$1.25M master license and a follow-on white label agreement to be entered into 30 days after customer acceptance has been completed for the Hilltop cryptoKEEP solution."

The agreement revolves around the company's cryptocurrency security product.
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Alex Koyfman, First Call (9/25/18)
"Last week, Hilltop Cybersecurity Inc. announced that Neiland Wright is joining the board of directors of the company. . .he is a founder and chief technology officer of Hilltop and is responsible for developing the Incident Management and Response System which serves as the core enabling engine for its Vauban technology platform."

Alex Koyfman, First Call (9/18/18)
"Hilltop Cybersecurity Inc. reported that it had signed an exclusive joint venture agreement with Warp LLC for digital asset protection, entering into a five-year exclusive contract. . .Warp has produced such movies as Man on Fire, Mr. and Mrs. Smith and Enemy of the State, among many others. The agreement allows Warp to use the company's patent-pending CryptoKEEP technology to secure movie, television and even production-related intellectual property assets, such as dailies, edits, key art, animatics, storyboards and previsualization and behind the scenes marketing content."

Alex Koyfman, First Call (9/11/18)
"Hilltop Cybersecurity Inc. continues to move forward despite the tepid performance of its stock, toward a wide commercialization of its hardware and software solutions. . .with the total crypto market cap now barely 25% of where it was at its peak earlier in the year, the company's relative stability is a positive sign. We will continue to grow the position."

Alex Koyfman, Penny Stock Millionaire (9/7/18)
"Hilltop Cybersecurity Inc. entered into a deal with Island Mining wherein it provides security for Island Mining and its operations. Hilltop announced an expansion of the definitive agreement and the award of exclusive distribution in Japan for Island Mining for its CryptoKEEP product and the back end custodial solution for exchanges and mining operations."

Alex Koyfman, First Call (9/4/18)
"Hilltop Cybersecurity Inc. entered into a 1-year renewable contract with Twin-Soft Corp. today that allows Twin-Soft to exclusively sell Hilltop products in the Middle East and North Africa, to include CyberEPM, Vauban and CryptoKEEP. The deal entails a minimum $1M commitment of Hilltop products to Twin-Soft's value added resellers and distributors but is uncapped and has tremendous potential."

One-year renewable contract provides regional exclusivity.
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The company announces it has entered into a letter of intent with Japan cryptocurrency miner.
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Alex Koyfman, Newsletter Writer – First Call

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Investing Highlights
Military grade cybersecurity
Company has patented technology
Company has cutting edge technology for cyberprotection of cryptocurrency
catalyst Calendar
Competitor (Phantom Cuber) sold for $350M USD to Splunk
Spend for cybersecurity is growing rapidly
Cybercriminals are becoming increasingly capable