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Omineca Mining and Metals Ltd.

Gold exploration company in the heart of the Cariboo gold district of British Columbia. Maiden hard rock drilling program starting in 2020, combined with underground paleo-placer gold production, also starting in 2020.

Expert Comments:

Omineca Mining & Metals aims to locate the bedrock sources of placer gold it encountered on bulk sampling in 2012.
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Clive Maund,

"It was decided that the time had come to buy Omineca Mining & Metals Ltd., having spotted that a longish-tailed candle formed yesterday which was followed by a more bullish looking hammer-type candle today. . . the company should now continue higher as its bull market unfolds, and it is like to accelerate away to the upside once gold breaks out to new highs against the dollar."

Omineca Mining and Metals believes it has one of the highest grade underground alluvial projects in Canadian history.
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Chris Temple
Chris Temple of The National Investor delves into what sets Omineca Mining and Metals apart.
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David H. Smith Maurice Jackson
David Smith of The Morgan Report tells Maurice Jackson of Proven and Probable what he thinks about the current financial state of America, ways investors can protect themselves from the vagaries of modern times—including reading "Common Sense 2.0"—and mentions a few resource companies he finds worthwhile.
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headshot of David H. Smith

David H. Smith, Proven and Probable Interview

"I very much like a new stock that we have researched called Omineca Mining and Metals Ltd., which is likely to be soon producing in Canada's Caribou district."

Jay Taylor, Hotline

"The upside profit potential with Omineca Mining & Metals Ltd. appears very significant. . .on a trial mining basis, the risks appear limited while the rewards look very large from my perspective, especially relative to a market cap of only around $22M."

headshot of Chris Temple

Chris Temple, The National Investor

"Despite the fact that Omineca Mining & Metals Ltd. is now up about fivefold from 2019E, this story, in my opinion, is just beginning. . .in the days ahead, I expect to hear some news from the company concerning progress on two fronts: 1) work on the development of the underground paleo channel area, ahead of starting the 'bulk sampling' program. . .2) applications are being readied for drilling permits."

Chris Temple, The National Investor

"Recently, Omineca Mining & Metals Ltd. added considerably further to the ground it has staked for exploration. . .there is considerable potential also here for a hardrock discovery, given the geology and past work in the area surrounding Wingdam."

Chris Temple, The National Investor

"Omineca (already up nicely since I added it to my recommended list last March, with most of that gain coming recently) has the potential to supplant Sarepta Therapeutics as my most profitable recommendation ever. . .after a lot of past work, engineering and more (and importantly, sitting on it and spending little money until all the pieces fell together to exploit the hidden gold) 2020 is poised to deliver potential cash flow from what is called the Wingdam property, which (Omineca's share) will dwarf its current small market cap."

Experts Following This Company

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Maurice Jackson, Founder – Proven and Probable
Clive Maund –
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Bob Moriarty, Author – 321 Gold
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David H. Smith, Analyst –
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Jay Taylor, Author Gold, Energy & Tech Stocks
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Chris Temple, Editor and Publisher – The National Investor

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Investing Highlights
Maiden hard rock drill program in a known gold region
Permitted paleo-placer bulk sample operation
A gold exploration company where the indicator mineral is gold
catalyst Calendar
Hard rock drill results
Production from paleo placer development
Expansion of land package and identification of Lode deposits