Mike Niehuser

ROTH Capital Partners

Image: Mike Niehuser

Mike Niehuser is a senior research analyst with Roth Capital Partners, LLC. Before working with Roth, he was with Scarsdale Equities, LLC. Prior to working with Scarsdale, he founded Beacon Rock Research, LLC, which produces research for an institutional audience and focuses in part on precious, base and industrial metals, oil and gas and alternative energy. Previously a vice president and senior equity analyst with the Robins Group, he also worked as an equity analyst with The RedChip Review. He holds a bachelor's degree in finance from the University of Oregon.

Recent Articles about Perpetua Resources Corp.

U.S. Mining Co. Receives LOI for US$1.8B in Financing 04/11/2024

These funds could significantly derisk this Idaho-based gold-antimony-silver project, noted a Roth MKM report.

New CEO Appointment Timely for Project Development, Analyst Says 03/14/2024

Perpetua Resources Corp. announced the appointment of new CEO Jon Cherry, according to Roth MKM research note.

DOD Supports Future Antimony Mine 02/20/2024

This additional funding highlights the importance to the U.S. military of a domestic supply of the metal, noted a Roth MKM report.

Idaho Stock ROD Expected This Year 02/02/2024

Perpetua Resources should receive a final Record of Decision for its Stibnite Gold Project from the U.S. Forest Service, according to a Roth MKM report.

Co. Moves U.S. Au-Sb Asset Toward Record of Decision 08/30/2023

The Idaho-based firm is on track to likely receive a final version in early 2024, noted a ROTH Capital Partners report.