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BioLargo, Inc. (OTCQB:BLGO) is a cleantech and life sciences innovator and engineering services solution provider. Its core products address PFAS contamination, achieve advanced water and wastewater treatment, control odor and VOCs, improve air quality, and control infections and infectious disease. Its business approach is to invent or acquire novel technologies, develop them into product offerings, and extend their commercial reach through licensing and channel partnerships to maximize their impact.

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Research Coverage Launched on Cleantech Solutions Provider

Research Report
This U.S. company, with a robust pipeline of products and some on the market, is near turning profitable, noted an Oak Ridge Financial report.

Clean Tech Co. Targets 'Forever Chemicals' Found in Most Americans

More than 200 million Americans could have harmful "forever chemicals" in their drinking water, and this clean tech company says 99% of them can be removed by its technology.
Tags:  Technology

Pet Odor Product Is a Major Hit for Clean Tech Co.

BioLargo Inc.'s hit pet odor control product Pooph is launching at more than 20,000 stores this year, a tenfold increase in its current retail store count. The company also announced a 127% increase in year-to-date revenues compared to the last period. Read to see the press release, and what catalysts Biolargo sees coming its way.
Tags:  Technology

Tech Analyst Sees Powerful Catalyst for This Clean Tech Co.

This clean tech company's approach to addressing everything from "forever chemicals" in the environment to stubborn pet odors is about to payoff, an analyst says.
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Pet Odor Product Drives Clean Tech Co.'s Revenue Increase

BioLargo Inc.'s pet odor control product, Pooph, is "taking the market by storm." Find out how this company is a 'Strong Buy,' according to one analyst.
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Tech Co. ‘Right at the Point of Breakout'

Contributed Opinion
BioLargo Inc. seemed to be very close to breaking out of its tight trading range on July 20, 2022, after remaining in the same place for a month. Expert Clive Maund goes over this update and his assessment of the company after this news.

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Michael Mathison, Analyst – Singular Research
Richard Ryan – Oak Ridge Financial

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11/15/2023 – BioLargo Breaks Another Revenue Record

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BioLargo Inc. (OTCQB:BLGO)

*Share Structure as of 7/21/2023
Investing Highlights
Invest-prove-partner business model that leverages credible partners to maximize impact
Unrivaled technologies to solve challenges in emerging environmental markets
Heading toward profitability, with average QoQ revenue growth of +25% over past two years
catalyst Calendar
2023, pet odor control product expanding nationwide through retailers
Large engineering projects in the queue
Major PFAS treatment projects underway, best technology to meet new regulations