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2023/6/9 15:42:57


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Muscle Maker Inc. (GRIL:NASDAQ)

*Share Structure as of 5/19/2023

Company News 

6/8/2023 – Sadot LLC Achieves $9.9 Million Net Income Threshold, Triggers Nomination of Final Three Board Positions

6/1/2023 – Muscle Maker, Inc. Reports Top Line Revenue Over $58.9 Million for April 2023

5/22/2023 – Muscle Maker Inc. Announces Agreement to Purchase Developed Farmland in Zambia for $8.5 Million USD

5/10/2023 – Muscle Maker Inc. Reports First Quarter 2023 Results

5/5/2023 – Goldman Small Cap Research Publishes New Research Report on Muscle Maker, Inc.