2017 Small-Cap Biotech Watchlist Portfolio Tracker

Welcome to The Life Sciences Report's 2017 Small-Cap Biotech Watchlist Portfolio Tracker. The Watchlist companies were selected by industry experts based on a variety of factors, including sound science, good management, therapy area and catalysts keyed to the drug development process. We will track the companies throughout the year: With our Portfolio Tracker, it is easy for Life Sciences Report readers to do the same.

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The Approval Process in Action Infographic

The chart below shows stock prices for the 20 companies on the 2017 Small-Cap Biotech Watchlist. The heavy green line shows the average gain/loss of the portfolio as a whole. Portfolio average change since Jan. 1, 2017, is [loading].

About These Individual Charts

The Yahoo finance charts provided below are updated in real time and show stock prices for each company for the year to date.