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Sector Expert: Brian Wilson


Image: Brian  Wilson

Brian Wilson has been covering biotech stocks for two years, and has been published extensively in the online investment community. He founded Bio-Wire in 2012 to provide a more streamlined content platform for biotech investors, and continues to provide high-level content. Prior to this, Wilson worked in the life sciences industry and attended Vanderbilt University.

Recent Interviews

Backing Biotech Growth with Manufacturing Strength: Brian Wilson (10/10/13)

The focus of most small biotech and pharma companies is on discovery—looking for that next breakthrough in gene therapy, diagnostics, drug delivery and the like. While Bio-Wire.com's Brian Wilson has explored and written about the possibilities in these fields, he sees potential outside the traditional discovery sphere, in companies focused on low-profile tasks like contract manufacturing services. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Wilson names one of his favorites in that space, and discusses a pair of companies using contract manufacturing services to advance their own development strategies.

Recent Quotes

"NBS is on track for its phase 2, AMR-001 data release in 2014."

— Brian Wilson, Seeking Alpha (12/19/13)
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"MSLP has a prominent brand, and operates in a niche market that has been built largely on brand association."

The Life Sciences Report Interview with Brian Wilson (10/10/13)
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