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Sector Expert: Brian Wilson


Image: Brian  Wilson

Brian Wilson has been covering biotech stocks for two years, and has been published extensively in the online investment community. He founded Bio-Wire in 2012 to provide a more streamlined content platform for biotech investors, and continues to provide high-level content. Prior to this, Wilson worked in the life sciences industry and attended Vanderbilt University.

Recent Interviews

Backing Biotech Growth with Manufacturing Strength: Brian Wilson (10/10/13)

The focus of most small biotech and pharma companies is on discovery—looking for that next breakthrough in gene therapy, diagnostics, drug delivery and the like. While's Brian Wilson has explored and written about the possibilities in these fields, he sees potential outside the traditional discovery sphere, in companies focused on low-profile tasks like contract manufacturing services. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Wilson names one of his favorites in that space, and discusses a pair of companies using contract manufacturing services to advance their own development strategies.

Recent Quotes

"NBS is on track for its phase 2, AMR-001 data release in 2014."

— Brian Wilson, Seeking Alpha (12/19/13)
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"MSLP has a prominent brand, and operates in a niche market that has been built largely on brand association."

The Life Sciences Report Interview with Brian Wilson (10/10/13)
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