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Sector Expert: Jason Sawatzky

Alta Corp Capital

Image: Jason Sawatzky

Jason Sawatzky is Director of Institutional Equity Research at AltaCorp Capital Inc., where he focuses on oilfield services. Prior to joining AltaCorp, Sawatzky was an associate analyst covering oilfield services at Stifel Nicolaus from 2009 to 2011. Prior thereto, he worked at Cormark Securities covering oilfield services and E&P companies for four years. Sawatzky holds a bachelor of commerce degree in finance from the University of Alberta and a bachelor of arts degree in sociology/psychology from the University of Calgary.

Recent Interviews

Looking for the Next Big Thing? Jason Sawatzky Has a Suggestion (8/7/14)

For Jason Sawatzky, the word is "oilfield services." They are not glamorous, but they are necessary, and Canada's explorers and producers need oilfield services as they prepare to fill pipelines with natural gas to be liquefied and exported. AltaCorp Capital's director of institutional equity research tells The Energy Report that Canada is pushing hard to approve liquefied natural gas plants, and Canada's proximity to Asian markets gives it an edge. A whole portfolio of companies is poised to support and profit from the business opportunities that will come with that industry.

LNG Exports: The $35 Billion Bull Invading Canada (10/10/13)

In a remarkable interview with The Energy Report, Jason Sawatzky reveals the hottest new thing happening in the North American oil exploration and production space: the rush by major oil and gas firms to build LNG export facilities on Canada's West Coast. The AltaCorp Capital analyst points out that major oil and gas firms are not the only way to play West Coast LNG development, and investors should look very closely at Canadian oilfield services. The capital flowing into West Coast LNG is pumping up growth in the oilfield services industry too, with plenty of black gold to spread around.

Recent Quotes

"One of the three LNG projects advancing the fastest is the RDS project with PetroChina."

The Energy Report Interview with Jason Sawatzky (10/10/13)
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