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Tungsten Market Research Ltd.

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Mark Seddon has over 25 years of experience in the commodities industry as a trader, researcher, consultant and company executive. Seddon is an acknowledged expert in the tungsten market and writes a number of Roskill's tungsten reports. He has presented papers on various minor metals at international conferences and was a speaker at the most recent International Tungsten Industry Association (ITIA) Annual General Meeting.

Recent Interviews

Mark Seddon's Catch-22: We Need More Tungsten, But Projects Can't Find Funding (6/10/14)

Even as demand rises steadily, the world's largest non-Chinese tungsten mine will be exhausted by next year. So investors should be lining up to fund new mines, right? Not a bit of it, says analyst Mark Seddon of Tungsten Market Research. In this interview with The Mining Report, Seddon argues that a supply shortage could mean much higher prices, leading to handsome profits for those companies that get to market soonest.

Mark Seddon: Why You Should Look Twice at an Ugly Duckling Metal (8/20/13)

Tungsten just doesn't have the sex appeal that made investors fall for the rare earth story. But maybe that's its trump card, considering the boom/bust cycle that swept rare earths didn't touch tungsten's slow, steady price increases. Analyst Mark Seddon of Tungsten Market Research has long been watching the often ignored metal, and asserts that tungsten is a harder sell, but a better buy for investors. In this The Metals Report interview, Seddon outlines tungsten's finer points and suggests miners are poised to reap rewards.

Recent Quotes

"LGO has quite a big project in the Yukon."

The Mining Report Interview with Mark Seddon (6/10/14)
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"CNQ's Mt. Carbine project ultimately should be around 2.6 Kt tungsten metal per year."

The Mining Report Interview with Mark Seddon (6/10/14)
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