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Sector Expert: Ran Nussbaum


Image: Ran Nussbaum

Ran Nussbaum is a managing partner and co-founder of The Pontifax Group, which has established four funds with more $370M under management and more than 45 portfolio companies. Over the past eight years, Nussbaum has managed the group's activity alongside Tomer Kariv. He also served as CEO of Biomedix and was NasVax Ltd.'s chairman of the board. Prior to joining Pontifax, he was a partner at Israel's largest business intelligence and strategic consulting firm. Nussbaum's work revolves around constant and active involvement in companies, providing them with strategic and business development oversight. Nussbaum serves as a board member of many of the Pontifax Group's portfolio companies, including TheraCoat, CollPlant Ltd., Quiet Therapeutics, Fusimab Ltd. and OCON Medical Ltd., where he is currently chairman of the board.

Recent Interviews

Buy Biotech When There's Blood on the Street: Pontifax's Ran Nussbaum (9/2/15)

Ran Nussbaum, managing partner with The Pontifax Group, doesn't worry too much about overall market volatility. Biotechs, he feels, are somewhat immune to turmoil because their fundamentals are based in real life. He prefers to play on good science and unmet medical needs, and then sit tight until a stock is discovered. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Nussbaum describes a few takeover candidates primed for stellar growth, as well as promising names that are part of the movement toward personalized medicine.

Venture Capitalist Ran Nussbaum Brings Big Finance to Little Biotechs (4/3/14)

Biotech companies don't come into the world fully formed. Like most fledglings, they need guidance to grow, prosper and eventually thrive in public markets. Venture capitalist Ran Nussbaum of the Pontifax Group nurtures tiny biotech and medtech startups, finding capital for their growth and maturation. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Nussbaum discusses exciting private equity holdings that are close to going public, and makes a case for one public company he knows quite well.

Three New Picks from the Hot Biotech IPO Market: Ran Nussbaum (8/22/13)

Ran Nussbaum, co-founder and managing partner of The Pontifax Group, is a venture capitalist seeking game-changing products that will create real value for patients, pharmas and investors. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Nussbaum addresses three public companies in different stages of development—from a penny stock with a preclinical value driver to a revenue-generating "larger" small-cap company developing novel products for critical orphan indications. As a bonus, Nussbaum drops two European biotech names that he believes are suffering from anonymity in U.S. markets.

Recent Quotes

"We believe ARNI is very good story for prostate and breast cancer indications."

The Life Sciences Report Interview with Ran Nussbaum (9/2/15)
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"ARNI's chairman is one of the best in the world in the urology field, and the company's consortium of investors has given us a lot of validation."

The Life Sciences Report Interview with Ran Nussbaum (4/3/14)
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"ARNI's Onapristone will have a real nice chance in the prostate cancer market."

The Life Sciences Report Interview with Ran Nussbaum (8/22/13)
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