Sector Expert: Andrew Richards

Image: Andrew Richards

Andrew Richards is a rated analyst in gold and base metals with AR1 Capital, previously with Petra Capital of Australia. He is a geologist and has worked for such major miners as Newcrest Mining and Western Mining. He has over 15 years experience as an analyst, including for such leading firms as Merrill Lynch and Shaw Stockbroking.

Recent Interviews

Seven Australian Companies to Survive a Metals Market Correction (6/18/13)

Australian mining companies have been hard hit by falling commodities prices and rising costs. But Petra Capital Analyst Andrew Richards believes his country's resource sector has turned a corner. In this interview with The Metals Report, Richards says that costs are falling and China's need for Australian metals will continue to grow. He also names companies that are well positioned to flourish in the near future.

Recent Quotes

"ALK achieved significantly higher rare earth recoveries at Dubbo."

— Andrew Richards, Petra Capital (10/31/13)
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"Recent market discussions in Japan, China and Europe have confirmed strong interest in all of ALK's planned products from Dubbo."

— Andrew Richards, Petra Capital (8/1/13)
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"ALK is in a great position; Dubbo's economics are very attractive."

The Metals Report Interview with Andrew Richards (6/18/13)
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"Feasibility study results confirm AUQ's Khnaiguiyah as a technically and financially robust project with attractive returns."

— Andrew Richards, Petra Capital (5/1/13)
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"ALK's study confirms the DZP as a very robust project backed by attractive margins over a long mine life."

— Andrew Richards, Petra Capital (4/11/13)
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"ALK has reported multiple high-grade intersections over economic widths at Caloma Two."

— Andrew Richards, Petra Capital (4/7/13)
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"AUQ has reported further excellent intersections at Washihi that confirm a major new discovery."

— Andrew Richards, Petra Capital (1/9/13)
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