Sector Expert: Lisa Morrison


Image: Lisa  Morrison

Lisa Morrison is an industry analyst in the copper and aluminum markets with the CRU Group, a business intelligence company. She specializes in assessing risks to the short-term outlook and is currently building a research platform to help CRU better predict and model investor behavior in the metals market. She has worked at CRU since 1995 and spent 12 years in the firm's management consulting division working on projects in aluminum, steel and base metals. Prior to CRU, she spent five years at Haver Analytics and before that more than one year at the Korea Trade Promotion Center. Morrison holds a masters degree in economics from New York University and a bachelors in economics from Drew University.

Recent Interviews

Some Like It Hot: Lisa Morrison on the Outlook for Industrial Metals (6/11/13)

Commodities may have broken out of a commodity supercycle and could be hitting a cyclical trough. Lisa Morrison, the principal consultant of CRU Group in Philadelphia, analyzes the price outlook for 26 commodities over the next four years and gives them a temperature rating from hot to freezing. In this interview with The Metals Report, Morrison, using this rating methodology, details which commodities she expects to offer the best upside for investors and which to avoid.

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