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David Eifrig Jr., holds an MBA from Kellogg and has worked in arbitrage and trading groups with major Wall Street investment banks (Goldman Sachs). In 1995, he retired from the "Street," went to UNC-Chapel Hill for medical school, and became an ophthalmologist. Now, in his latest "retirement," he joined Stansberry & Associates full-time to share with readers his experiences and ideas. He edits two of Stansberry's Retirement Millionaire, a monthly letter showing readers how to live a millionaire lifestyle on less than you'd imagine possible. He travels around the U.S. looking for bargains, deals, and great investment ideas. He also writes Retirement Trader, a bi-monthly advisory that explains simple techniques to make large, but very safe gains in the stock and bond markets. Porter Stansberry loves having "Doc" on the team.

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"For retirement capital allocation, I like classic leaders in the oil and gas industry like RDS."

The Energy Report Interview with David Eifrig (4/9/13)
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