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Sector Expert: Greg Orrell

OCM Gold Fund

Image: Greg Orrell

Greg Orrell is the president and portfolio manager of the OCM Gold Fund. He is also president of Orrell Capital Management, the investment adviser to the fund. Orrell has 30 years of experience in the gold sector as being a retail and institutional broker, investment banker and portfolio manager. He has been the portfolio manager of the OCM Gold Fund since 1996. Orrell received his Bachelor of Science in economics and business administration from Saint Mary’s College of California.

Recent Interviews

Invest Like a Fund Manager: Tips from the Silver Summit (12/3/15)

Gold bars? ETFs? Junior miners? Royalty streams? Majors with dividends? How is an investor to determine the best way to leverage the upside of a beaten up metals market? The Gold Report hosted a standing-room-only fund manager panel at the Silver Summit in San Francisco featuring insights from three very different points of view. Axel Merk, president and CIO of Merk Investments, focuses on gold and currency investing. Robert Mullin is co-founder of Real Assets Equity Income Funds and focuses largely on producing mining companies. Greg Orrell is the president and portfolio manager of the OCM Gold Fund and invests across all sectors of the precious metals industry, including junior producers and exploration and development companies. All three see unique opportunities right now for creating a portfolio that captures a renewed focus from mining executives on shareholder interests.

Portfolio Manager Greg Orrell: 'My Belief in Gold Has Not Wavered' (4/24/13)

After the extreme volatility of gold in the last few weeks, OCM Gold Fund Manager Greg Orrell is more convinced than ever of the necessity of owning gold assets. In this interview with The Gold Report, Orrell lays out the rationale for buying these cheap gold stocks from around the world, including California of all places.

Recent Quotes

"We own a big royalty companies like FNV in our portfolio."

The Gold Report Interview with Greg Orrell (4/24/13)
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"Royalty companies like RGLD are positioned to grow substantially in the next three years."

The Gold Report Interview with Greg Orrell (4/24/13)
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