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Sector Expert: David Sidders

Xeitel Capital Management

David Sidders is a Canadian who has been resident in Bermuda since 1995. His career in the investment industry began 25 years ago in Toronto at First Marathon Securities and then at Altamira Investment Management where he worked as an institutional equity trader. In 1995, Sidders moved to Bermuda to run the trading operations of the LOM Group and, in 2002, he became the senior vice president of program trading at Bank of NY ConvergEx. In 2008, Sidders and a partner founded Xeitel Capital Management, which helps fund startup companies and offers investment recommendations to individuals.

Recent Interviews

Bring Home Profits from Nevada: David Sidders (8/20/12)

NevadaInvestors do not need to travel the world to make money in gold mining stocks. Nevada has world-class geology, infrastructure and a mine-friendly legal system without the substantial risks of international resource development. In this exclusive Gold Report interview, David Sidders, founder of Xeitel Capital Management, discusses how to keep investments simple by staying close to home.

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"BFGC's projects are located in areas that offer low political risk, straightforward permitting and good metallurgy, with a good local workforce that will get the job done."

The Gold Report Interview with David Sidders (8/20/12)
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