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Sector Expert: James Passin

Firebird Management LLC , Khot Infrastructure Holdings Ltd. , Undur Tolgoi Minerals Inc.

Image: James Passin

James Passin joined Firebird in 1999. He cofounded and manages Firebird Global Fund, Firebird Global Fund II, Firebird Mongolia Fund and Firebird New Mongolia Fund. James is a graduate of St. John's College, where he majored in philosophy and classical literature. James serves on the board of directors of several Mongolian and Canadian companies, including Sharyn Gol JSC, Baganuur JSC, BDSec JSC, National Investment Bank of Mongolia, Vanoil Energy Ltd., Undur Tolgoi Minerals Inc. and Fluormin PLC, a UK fluorspar mining company.

Recent Interviews

Get Dirt-Cheap Critical Metals Exposure in Mongolia: James Passin (7/17/12)

Nervous investors are waiting on the sidelines, but the biggest risk is to miss out on the great bull markets where fortunes are made: So says James Passin, hedge fund manager with Firebird Management. Passin likes to get the jump on mainstream analysts on emerging bullish plays, and right now he has his sights set on Mongolia. In this exclusive Critical Metals Report interview, discover which critical elements are being unearthed in the developing country and how technology is playing a crucial role.

A Historic Window of Opportunity in Mongolia: James Passin (7/16/12)

Investor fears about mining stocks are misplaced, says James Passin, a hedge fund manager with New York-based Firebird Management, especially if those companies are mining in Mongolia. Firebird manages a portfolio of private equity funds that invest in Mongolia, one of the fastest growing economies with some of the most extensive, untapped resources in the world. The country is already home to the largest copper deposit and in this exclusive Gold Report interview, Passin explains why there is potential for dozens more similar finds.

Under-the-Radar Rare Earth Elements: James Passin (2/21/12)

Sometimes the most exciting investment opportunities fly under the radar. James Passin of Firebird Management LLC combs the world for emerging opportunities in often overlooked areas. In this exclusive interview with The Critical Metals Report, he discusses companies producing critical materials that could revolutionize defense and aviation technology and make nuclear power safer and more efficient. He also shares some commodities growth stories currently unfolding in Mongolia and East Africa.

Recent Quotes

"IB's Beralcast opens up the possibility of lower-cost aviation applications, a massive growth opportunity."

The Critical Metals Report Interview with James Passin (7/17/12)
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"UTM's property is on the edge of the Devonian arc—the right address for copper-gold porphyry systems."

The Gold Report Interview with James Passin (7/16/12)
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"IB's beryllium-related composites could be a game-changer."

The Critical Metals Report Interview with James Passin (2/21/12)
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