Sector Expert: María Belén Vega

Image: María Belén Vega

Maria Belen Vega currently serves as an investment analyst of corporate finance for Kallpa Securities in Peru. Through pre-professional training, she developed expertise in the area of Peruvian securitization, its structure and risks. She later served as an analyst of transfer pricing at KPMG and provided support to the investment risk unit of AFP Profuturo. She has a Bachelor of Economics from Universidad del Pacifico.

Recent Interviews

How to Find the Next Tenbagger in Peru: Maria Belen Vega and Ricardo Carrion (7/25/12)

In a tough market for junior gold shares over the past three years, Peruvian mining stocks have outperformed the mining indexes. Peru is a booming economy with well-defined mining laws and a vocal mining protest movement that could be playing a constructive role in future development. In this exclusive interview with The Gold Report, Maria Belen Vega and Ricardo Carrión of Kallpa Securities in Lima, Peru, analyze the protest situation and clarify the role of mining as one of the leading sectors of the economy. Junior companies they follow include mine developers, producers and a "pure Peru play" explorer; some of these companies could repeat the outsized performance of the last few years and become tenbaggers.

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"IRL's strategy is continuity in production and demonstration of growth."

The Gold Report Interview with Maria Belen Vega (7/25/12)
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"SUE's Shahuindo could become a world-class gold deposit and it has some of the best infrastructure in Peru."

The Gold Report Interview with Maria Belen Vega (7/25/12)
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