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Dave Kranzler spent many years working in various analytic jobs and trading on Wall Street. For nine of those years, he traded junk bonds for Bankers Trust. He earned a master's degree in business administration from the University of Chicago, with a concentration in accounting and finance. He writes a blog to help people understand and analyze what is really going on in our financial system and economy:

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Golden Days Ahead: Dave Kranzler (6/4/12)

Savvy investors and central banks in Asia are accumulating physical gold, the most stable form of value. In an exclusive interview with The Gold Report, Dave Kranzler, founder of Golden Returns Capital, contrarian gold investor and newsletter writer, shares his investment outlook and explains what he looks for when investing in gold miners poised to profit from economic turbulence.

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"RPM is the perfect junior mining company model."

The Gold Report Interview with Dave Kranzler (6/4/12)
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"By definition, ORE is a value investment. That's why institutions are attracted to it."

The Gold Report Interview with Dave Kranzler (6/4/12)
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