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Sector Expert: Amin Haque

Image: Amin Haque

Amin Haque provides MGI Securities with research coverage of international explorers, producers and oilfield service companies. Haque brings 14 years of financial market experience, seven of which have been devoted to equity research analysis. He worked as an analyst both on the buy and the sell sides focusing on energy and other resource sectors. Prior to joining MGI, Haque provided independent valuation services to oilfield services, logistics and related companies to Stonecap. Before making his career as an analyst in the energy and the resources sector, he worked in risk management for a New York-based global credit card company. He also worked as a management consultant providing consulting services to a variety of U.S. and international financial organizations including Ginnie Mae and the World Bank. Haque is an electrical engineer by training, and holds a Master of Business Administration degree from Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. He is a CFA charter holder.

Recent Interviews

Plenty of Opportunities Still Left in International Junior E&Ps: Amin Haque (11/21/13)

You may not think "oil" when you hear "Albania," but the once war-torn nation is home to the largest onshore oil field in Europe, says MGI Securities Analyst Amin Haque. Furthermore, the underexplored jurisdiction is likely hosting large undiscovered oil reserves. In this interview with The Energy Report, Haque explains the political and fiscal environment in this transitioning country and profiles some promising companies making headway there. He also brings us up to speed on some plays in Nigeria that could return big bucks for patient investors.

Three Global Threats that Keep This Stonecap Analyst Up at Night (3/28/13)

As the demand for oil and gas grows worldwide, investors have to look beyond their geographic comfort zones and seek out opportunities in places less familiar than just North America. In this interview with The Energy Report, Amin Haque, energy analyst at Stonecap Securities, reviews his current thinking on some of the risks associated with energy production on an international basis and points out some of his favorite situations, which he believes will provide investors with above-average returns in the current market environment.

Weighing the Risks in International Oil Plays (12/6/12)

Explorers and producers need to go where the oil is. But how do you balance resource upside potential with jurisdictional risk? Amin Haque of Stonecap Securities argues that jurisdiction risk isn't a deal-breaker if management knows how to mitigate it. In this interview with The Energy Report, Haque shares some companies that meet those criteria, favoring redevelopment plays that avoid exploration risk. Find out which teams are using new technologies to turn proven reserves into economic international projects.

Recent Quotes

"We maintain our Buy rating on MMT."

— Amin Haque, iA Securities (10/16/14)
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"We expect further growth momentum from MMT and maintain our Buy rating."

— Amin Haque, iA Securities (9/11/14)
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"MMT made major progress toward significant, H2/14 production growth."

— Amin Haque, iA Securities (6/18/14)
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"This was a good quarter for MMT both operationally and financially."

— Amin Haque, iA Securities (5/14/14)
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"MMT is poised to become a successful midcap crude producer in 2014."

— Amin Haque, MGI Securities (2/28/14)
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"Bringing an alternative pipeline on-line will allow MMT to produce more, generate more cash and at the end of the day, increase its dividend."

The Energy Report Interview with Amin Haque (11/21/13)
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"We maintain our Buy rating on MMT."

— Amin Haque, MGI Securities (11/20/13)
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"We maintain our Buy rating for MMT, which has substantial production growth potential."

— Amin Haque, MGI Securities (10/31/13)
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