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Editor, Transformational Technology Alert Patrick Cox, the editor of Transformational Technology Alert,has lived deep inside the world of technology breakthroughs for the past 30 years. He has written more than 200 editorials for USA Today and has appeared in The Wall Street Journal and on CNN's "Crossfire" television program. In the late 1980s, he edited and published one of the first industry-insider software magazines, writing about topics like open-source and user-supported software long before those ideas were widely understood. Later, Cox wrote presentations and speeches for the CEO of Netscape. His consulting work has taken him to Fortune 500 boardrooms and inside the war rooms of national political candidates. His independent research is based solely on his investigations in transformational wealth-building companies and close consultation with Nobel Prize-winning economists and scientists.

Recent Interviews

Live Longer, Get Richer with Patrick Cox (5/8/14)

It's what every biotech investor dreams of: transformational advances in healthcare technologies that allow us to live for centuries and accumulate wealth exponentially. Patrick Cox, editor of the Transformational Technology Alert, is doing his part to make the dream reality. In this interview, Cox tells The Life Sciences Report about two companies with proprietary intellectual property in DNA-based therapeutics and regenerative medicine that could change the world.

This Biotechnology Platform Could Save Millions of Lives: Patrick Cox (10/24/13)

Patrick Cox, editor of the brand-new publication Transformational Technology Alert, is acutely aware of how transformational technology platforms can enable efficiencies and improve scale a la Moore's Law. A sweeping new synthetic vaccine platform that poses infinite possibilities for researchers and could produce novel preventive and therapeutic drugs is a quintessential example. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Cox delivers a single name that holds the potential to save lives on a mass scale, cheaply and efficiently, in both the developed and developing world—and deliver health and wealth to investors' portfolios as well.

Biotech Ideas That Will Change the World: Patrick Cox (5/31/12)

For Patrick Cox, disruptive technologies drive change and harbor opportunity. Cox, editor of Breakthrough Technology Alert and Technology Profits Confidential, and a contributor to The Daily Reckoning, strives to find novel ideas in small-cap companies that are off investors' radar screens. In this exclusive interview with The Life Sciences Report, Cox reveals—in his characteristic none-too-shy style—where he believes investors can find huge returns in biotech companies that will change the world.

Recent Quotes

"INO continues to thrive; it controls a massive amount of intellectual property."

The Life Sciences Report Interview with Patrick Cox (5/8/14)
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"INO has extraordinary potential; I really want to see CEO Joseph Kim and Dave Weiner push this technology into the future."

The Life Sciences Report Interview with Patrick Cox (10/24/13)
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"ONCS is focused on a specific cancer drug right now, and I think it will do well."

The Life Sciences Report Interview with Patrick Cox (5/31/12)
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"Don't even look at PVCT's stock price for five years. Come back then and buy me a beer."

The Life Sciences Report Interview with Patrick Cox (5/31/12)
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