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Sector Expert: Doug Hornig

Casey Research

Image: Doug Hornig

Doug Casey joined the Casey Research team as a freelance writer. Since 2009 he he has been writing for Casey's Extraordinary Technology newsletter, the Daily Dispatch and other Casey publications, as well as producing articles for general Internet distribution. Hornig has authored 10 books, done investigative journalism for Virginia’s leading newspaper, and written articles for Business Week and other national publications.

Recent Interviews

Junior Resource and Biotech Investing Share Profit Potential (4/12/12)

Several Casey Research publications focus on the junior resource sector because this is a prime speculative market—one where individual investors can still turn a small amount of money into a fortune, provided they bring the proper tools to the table. Yet resource juniors by no means stand alone. Biotechnology is another good market for speculation. In fact, despite the very different science and economics at work, the biotech and junior resource sectors share some interesting traits. Investors will find a lot to like in both.

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