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Etienne Moshevich is the editor of, the world's premier junior market newsletter featuring companies with the very best in management teams, projects and capital structures. Moshevich is also the president of Transcend Resource Group, an investor relations company based in Vancouver, B.C. specializing in exposing undervalued companies to the marketplace. With a degree in economics, Moshevich has helped finance many successful mining, oil and gas, technology and biotech companies over the years, many of which have rewarded shareholders with substantial returns.

Recent Interviews

A Zinc Resource Update That Is Over the Moon (10/3/17)
project map

This company with a zinc project in California just came out with an updated resource, one which Etienne Moshevich of calls "outstanding."

3D Signatures' Disruptive Technology Moving Ahead for Prostate Cancer and Hodgkin's Lymphoma (3/8/17)
3D Signatures Priority Pipeline

3D Signatures continues to advance its cutting-edge technology for prostate cancer liquid biopsies and Hodgkin's lymphoma tests.

How to Position Your Portfolio for the Coming Gold Upturn: AlphaStox's Etienne Moshevich (3/4/15)
Gold and Money

The world needs gold, says AlphaStox's Etienne Moshevich, and while it has been out of favor for the last few years, a series of macro factors point to its uptrend. In this interview with The Gold Report, Moshevich discusses 11 gold, manganese and graphite companies with management teams that have the skills to ride the wave to create shareholder value.

Recent Quotes

"RP is finally in a position to drive substantial growth for shareholders by advancing all three clinical programs as well as continuing to build out their medical device."

— Etienne Moshevich, (4/4/17)
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"I wanted to send out a quick update on DXD after two tremendous announcements last week that I believe the market totally missed, which is where we see a major buying opportunity."

— Etienne Moshevich, (3/2/17)
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"MVN is a top pick in the international energy sector."

— Etienne Moshevitz, (9/14/15)
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"CNY's joint venture increased its monthly production by 186% in July."

— Etienne Moshevich, (8/21/15)
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"The Q3/15 drill program should be seen as a major catalyst for BBI."

— Etienne Moshevich, (6/9/15)
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"The next 6–12 months could be very interesting for CNY shareholders."

— Etienne Moshevitz, (5/27/15)
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"Investor excitement should start to build in TXR very soon."

— Etienne Moshevitz, (3/18/15)
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"CNY has a clear path to being cash flow positive, which it should achieve by 2017."

The Gold Report Interview with Etienne Moshevich (3/4/15)
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