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Sector Expert: Jimmy Chu

Image: Jimmy Chu

Based in Toronto, Canada, Lightwater Partners is an asset management firm specializing in alternative investments. Partner Jimmy Chu has ten years of experience in hedge and investment funds. At Lightwater he focuses on developing detailed financial models for existing and potential equity investments, which are used as tool for making investment decisions.

Recent Interviews

Gold and Base Metal Plays: Jerome Hass and Jimmy Chu (5/11/12)

Toronto-based hedge fund managers Jerome Hass and Jimmy Chu of Lightwater Partners discuss their strategic approach to taking long positions on gold, zinc and tungsten opportunities around the world. In an exclusive interview with The Gold Report, the Lightwater principals reveal several precious and base metal plays in which they have purchased stakes and define their criteria for limiting risks when taking on junior mining investments.

Canadian Coal Moles: Jerome Hass and Jimmy Chu (5/10/12)

For low-risk returns, Lightwater Partners' Fund Managers Jerome Hass and Jimmy Chu look seaward. Bulk commodities like metallurgical coal, they explain, offer greater stability because a small number of major buyers determine pricing, while shipping logistics provide a yardstick to determine a project's economics. In this exclusive interview with The Energy Report, Hass and Chu talk about how international supply is shifting and which junior stocks may experience a jump in a steady-as-she-goes market.

Recent Quotes

"ORT is potentially a game changer."

The Gold Report Interview with Jimmy Chu (5/11/12)
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